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Truck Accident Lawyer Delray Beach FLAn experienced truck accident lawyer Delray Beach FL residents depend on has seen the devastation that a truck accident can have on victims and their families. Unfortunately, as the trucking industry continues to grow, so too does the number of truck accidents. This often results in catastrophic and fatal injuries for the victims.

Delray Beach truck accident lawyer Eric Luckman has extensive experience aggressively fighting for clients in obtaining the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries. Attorney Luckman has been advocating for victims for more than three decades. He has gained a respectful reputation for not only being a skilled negotiator, but will not hesitate to litigate an accident claim in court if the insurance company refuses to give the victim what they are entitled to.

How Is a Truck Accident Different from Other Motor Vehicle Accidents?

A seasoned truck accident lawyer Delray Beach FL victims recommend is aware of the complexities of truck accident cases and how they differ from other motor vehicle accidents. In truck accidents, there is often more than one party who is deemed responsible for the crash, depending on the circumstances.

Your truck accident claim may involve the truck driver, the trucking company he or she works for, and the cargo company that loaded the material the truck was transporting. There are also truck accidents that are caused by a defective vehicle part, and in those cases, the part manufacturer could be named in the claim.

Having more than one at-fault party named in the case also means that there is more than one liability insurance carrier that is involved. Remember, insurance companies are in the business to make money so every time they have to pay out on an accident, it cuts into their profits.

Beware of Insurance Companies

Many commercial trucking companies and their insurance carriers will do everything they can to drag out a claim for as long as they can. The reason behind that may be that because the victim falls further and further behind because of the medical bills and lost time from work, they will be more willing to settle out of desperation and agree to a much smaller settlement than what they are legally entitled to. Or the insurance carrier may try to deny the claim completely.

This is why all truck accident victims should have a truck accident lawyer Delray Beach FL clients rely on representing them against these companies. Your attorney will conduct an extensive investigation, including meticulous discovery regarding the truck driver and the trucking company’s history, as well as obtaining any electronic records available from the truck itself.

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