Who is the Top Hurricane Lawyer in South Florida

This is What The Top Hurricane Lawyer in South Florida Wants You to Know

Who is the Top Hurricane Lawyer in South FloridaOutside of hurricane season the question of who is the top hurricane lawyer in South Florida is not one that is asked too much.  During hurricane season, and particularly in the peak times of August and September, this question becomes very important as millions of property owners in South Florida anxiously watch the Atlantic.  Insurance claims and settlements not to mention class actions and other suits to make property owners whole will be filed by the thousands once Irma has left the shores.

Even if we can’t answer who is the top hurricane lawyer in South Florida, here’s the advice that the top hurricane lawyer would likely give while Irma threatens to descend.  First, know that you are not alone – the entire state of Florida is going through the same terrible experience.  This also means, of course, that everyone will be clamoring for contractors, adjustors, and other help once the storm has passed.

Finding and retaining an attorney who is well-versed in hurricane-related claims can mean the difference between finding reputable contractors who are able to get to your property as soon as possible and getting on the waiting list for a contractor the insurance company assigns who may or may not show.

The attorney who is the top hurricane lawyer in South Florida would also probably advise that while a disaster will bring out the best in many people, it will also bring out the worst in others. Beware of employers who threaten employees with termination if they evacuate since Florida is an at-will employment state.  Also keep an eye out for unlicensed contractors who ask for cash payments.  And, of course, be on the lookout for insurance adjustors who try to low ball you with an offer.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from these unscrupulous types is to know your rights, and not just those pertaining to an insurance claim. Know what your insurance policy says by reading them thoroughly and getting legal advice when necessary. Know what the damage to your property says by documenting it in photographs, videos, and inventories. Know what to look for in a reputable contractor and adjustor.

Finally, it can also be incredibly helpful to know who is the top hurricane lawyer in South Florida since no matter how much you prepare or batten down the hatches, you may need that attorney on your side on the road to recovery. Contact Luckman Law today.

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