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Brain injuries range from relatively mild to completely debilitating. In some cases, it may be challenging to know whether you should file a legal claim in the wake of an injurious accident. This is especially the case if your injuries are so severe that they have had an impact on your ability to function. On the one hand, you’ll need access to any compensation you’re entitled to so that you can pay your medical bills and make up for lost wages. On the other hand, filing legal action can be stressful and you don’t need any more stress in your life right now. Know that working with an experienced Delray Beach, Florida TBI lawyer with The Law Offices of Eric H. Luckman, P.A. will allow you to pursue compensation while focusing as much as possible on your recovery. Our firm’s Delray Beach, FL brain injury lawyer has extensive experience with cases like yours and knows how to be effective with your resources and efficient with your time so that you can focus on your recovery while our team focuses on your case. 

Make Sure to Seek Medical Attention

It’s important to seek medical attention immediately when you’ve sustained a brain injury. Your legal case, your work life and everything else stressing you out right now can wait until a doctor has evaluated your condition.. In some cases, you may be suffering from other injuries in addition to you brain injury that you can’t yet perceive due to shock or delayed onset of symptoms. To determine the full extent of your injuries, you will need a medical professional to diagnose your injuries, recommend treatment and assist you in the recovery process. Medical attention is also key in that it can provide necessary evidence in the event that you make the decision to take legal action with the assistance of a Delray Beach, FL TBI lawyer. . 

Gathering Necessary Evidence

In order to obtain compensation for a brain injury, it’s important to keep track of any documentation that may support your claim. Documentation can help to prove the extent of your injuries and explain how your accident occurred. Documentation that may support your legal claim includes:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Property Damages
  • Photographs/Videos
  • Eyewitness Statements
  • Medical Documentation
  • Police Reports
  • Your Account of the Accident

An experienced Delray Beach, FL TBI lawyer will work closely with you to not only guide you in the appropriate documentation to acquire, but also help you to gather the necessary evidence to support your claim.

Don’t Forget to Follow All Medical Recommendations

When your injuries have been diagnosed by a medical professional, it’s important that you closely follow all medical recommendations. Failing to do so may cause a number of problems. For example, if you do not follow medical recommendations, it may appear as though you do not believe your injuries are as serious as you are claiming. 

Consulting with an Experienced Lawyer

The thought of taking legal action can inspire anxiety in accident victims. This is understandable, as it can be challenging to take action against the person(s) who harmed you. However, you don’t have to navigate this challenging situation alone. An experienced Delray Beach, FL TBI lawyer can help you from the beginning to the end of your legal process.