T-Bone Accident Lawyer Boca Raton FL

T-Bone Accident Lawyer Boca Raton FL T-Bone Accident Lawyer Boca Raton FL

At Eric H. Luckman, P.A., a t-bone accident lawyer Boca Raton FL residents trust knows just how serious these types of collisions can be. T-bone car accidents happen when one car crashes into the other at a right angle, which creates a “T” shape. It may also be called a broadside crash, or side-impact collision. Based on reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Admintration, t-bone car collisions account for around 20% of all fatal accidents. If you or someone you love was in a car accident, you can trust that we will do everything we can to seek the compensation you deserve for what happened.

How T-Bone Accidents Happen

Most side-impact accidents occur at intersections, where one car had failed to yield to another driver’s right-of-way. For instance, a car that runs a red light without looking ahead may crash into another vehicle in the middle of the intersection. However, t-bone accidents do not only happen in intersections, as they can happen almost anywhere on the road where one person didn’t see an oncoming vehicle. In many cases, a t-bone accident was caused due to one driver’s reckless or negligent behavior. Other factors that could contribute to a t-bone crash include:

  • Flaws on the Roadway: Poorly maintained roads can cause t-bone car collisions, since car drivers may swerve to prevent hitting the pothole or other obstruction, but then end up crashing into another vehicle. 
  • Broken Traffic Signals: Malfunctioning traffic lights may cause two cars to proceed ahead through an intersection at the same time. 
  • Defective Car Parts: A driver may have run a red light and gone through an intersection because their brakes failed. In this kind of circumstance, it is possible that a third party manufacturer will be partially responsible.

Common Injuries of T-Bone Collisions

T-bone accidents are very dangerous, and can result in severe harm to the human body or even death. In a side-impact crash, the front of a vehicle slams into the side of another, where there is not much protection for the driver or passenger. Additionally, most cars don’t come with enough safety features for in the event of this type of collision. As your Auto accident lawyer Boca Raton FL community members rely on may tell you, despite a car having side airbags, it may not always afford enough protection against serious injury. 

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If you are in need of help after a serious car accident, whether that be a t-bone or something else, please know there are professionals out there such as ourselves who will be on your side the entire way through. Many people handle a car accident without help from an attorney, but then what can happen is these innocent victims lose out on the compensation they deserve during their recovery. If you would like a FL t-bone accident lawyer in Boca Raton to advocate for your behalf after an accident, please call Eric H. Luckman, P.A. today.