Premises Liability Lawyer Delray Beach, FL

Premises Liability Lawyer Delray Beach, FL

Premises liability lawyer Delray Beach, FLIf you have ever been injured in a location that has been deemed unsafe due to improper maintenance, a Delray Beach, FL premises liability lawyer may be able to help you. When an area isn’t maintained thoroughly and hasn’t gone through the right inspection, accidents can occur that cause serious injury to people. You have a right to speak to a lawyer if you believe you have a strong argument that falls under a premises liability case. 

According to Florida law, the property owner is responsible for all routine maintenance procedures so that the property is in a reasonably safe condition. Premises liability cases examine whether negligence occurred. The owner of the property is responsible for disclosing any dangers or fixing any issues that they are aware of. If they do not fulfill this responsibility, they can be subject to lawsuits. However, it’s important to remember that not all personal injury cases involve negligence. 

Premises Liability Lawyer Delray Beach, FL

There are many complexities to premises liability laws, but a trusted premises liability lawyer in the Delray Beach, Florida area can provide you the guidance to better understand your case details. Lawyers such as the one from the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A. can help you understand your complete options if you decide to take legal action. 

Examples of Premises Liability 

The term premises liability encompasses a variety of situations. One of the most common ones you may be familiar with is a person slipping due to water on the floor of a grocery store. Other examples include the following: 

  • Trips, slips, falls. Misplaced objects can result in trips and falls, leading to injuries like broken hips or sprained ankles. 
  • Defective design and construction. Poor design and construction quality can lead to accidents caused by a machine not working properly. 
  • Swimming pool accidents. Pools need parts such as water heaters maintained so they don’t cause injuries such as burns. 
  • Escalator/elevator accidents. Elevator and escalator malfunctions can include broken cables or faulty wiring.
  • Water leaks and flooding. Failure to fix broken pipes can lead to leaks and flooding. 
  • Toxic fumes/chemical exposure. Property owners must ensure buildings are safe and free of any gas leaks, and hazardous chemicals must be disposed of correctly. 
  • Amusement park accidents. Routine maintenance and inspections are essential to prevent ride accidents.

Types of Damages You Can Collect 

For any injuries you suffered in a premises liability case, there are a number of different damages you may be able to collect. A lawyer may help you cover your financial losses by pursuing compensation. It’s common for settlements in personal injury cases to include compensation for lost wages and medical costs. In some cases, a premises liability lawyer who has years of experience can get you a settlement outside of court. The amount you can earn is dependent on the different factors of your specific case, but the valuable assistance of a trusted lawyer can greatly increase your chances of negotiating a fair settlement. 

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Comprehending the complex factors of a premises liability case can be difficult to do on your own. To find out more about what a premises liability lawyer in Delray Beach, FL can offer you, contact us today.