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The high speed and minimal protection afforded by motorcycles means that when a crash occurs the injuries are often severe. Unfortunately, Florida motorcycle accidents continue to strike in our area with alarming frequency. Some estimates suggest that a motorcyclists’ risk of being involved in a crash is 35 times greater than the driver of a passenger car.In addition, nearly 80% of all reported motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death to the motorcyclist. It is not surprising that these roadway accidents are typically more serious than other motor vehicle accidents, because motorcycles offer riders much less protection than that found in a typical car or truck. When a motorcyclist is hit by another vehicle there is often a good chance that the driver will be ejected from the machine. Ejection almost always leads to the rider forcibly striking objects nearby. Frequently those injured suffer head trauma, back fractures, spinal injuries, and other often-debilitating problems. As a result, these accidents are usually more expensive than accidents involving cars, because victims’ injuries are more severe and require longer rehabilitation periods.

Far too often these accidents are caused by car and truck drivers who fail to abide by traffic rules or make critical errors when behind the wheel. Perhaps the most common general cause of Florida motorcycle accidents are drivers who fail to see motorcyclists who are sharing the road with them. Many cars and trucks accidentally merge into lanes that are occupied by a motorcyclist, make right turns in front of a motorcycle, and engage in other negligent behavior.

The law provides avenues for recourse for all those injured by the mistakes of others while on the road. In addition, the surviving family members of those who were involved in motorcycle accidents may be able to bring their own legal claims as well. Insurance companies are frequently involved in handling affairs following a motor vehicle accident. However, many victims are unfamiliar with the appropriate way to work with an insurance company following one of these accidents. The complex rules involved in some of these cases make it difficult for many community members to understand if they are getting a fair deal when working with insurance companies.

Fortunately, help is available.

Our West Palm Beach motorcycle accident attorney works with victims throughout the area who have suffered personal injuries and property damage in these crashes. We understand that after these incidents many victims and their families need immediate assistance getting their medical bills paid, getting recovery for lost wages, and ensuring that funds will be available to pay for any future complications. Those financial concerns are in addition to the pain, suffering, and emotional toll that these accidents often have on entire families. Our Florida motorcycle accident lawyer has worked for years with victims of all types of roadway accidents. We are available at any time to explain how the legal system might work in your case, and to advocate on your behalf so you can be sure to receive the compensation that you deserve. Consider getting in touch with our office to learn more. You can send us a message online at any time or reach us by phone at (561) 867-6010.

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