Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Lake Worth, FL

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Lake Worth, FL

Motorcycle accident lawyer Lake Worth, FLSince motorcycle accidents are a daily occurrence, the Lake Worth, FL community depends on a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer. Going through the pain of experiencing a motor vehicle accident takes a financial and physical toll on clients, as we at the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman know too well. With over 32 years of experience, we’ve seen clients with many kinds of injuries from motorcycle accidents. Through our decades of work for many clients, we’ve successfully helped them prove their case in court and earn their rightful settlement. 

Motorcycle accident lawyer Lake Worth, FL

If you would like to meet with a motorcycle accident lawyer that serves the Lake Worth, Florida area, our office can help you with your case. Clients should obtain the compensation they deserve and get peace of mind during their recovery from their injuries. If you’re a motorcyclist who has sustained an injury from an accident, you may want to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your options for building a strong argument.  

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident can happen anywhere at any time. A quick lapse in judgment or moment of distraction is enough to cause the most serious of accidents that result in long-term bodily injury. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents: 

  • Opening car doors. If a driver opens a car door, a cyclist coming toward them may be driving too fast and slam into the door. Sometimes a driver opens a door without looking properly, hitting a motorcyclist. 
  • Speed limit violations. Too many drivers speed and hit other vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. 
  • Lane splitting. Motorcyclists often lane split, which in many states, is the legal practice of cyclists riding between cars while traffic is slow. Despite their legality, the practice is still dangerous because drivers may not always see a cyclist coming toward them. 
  • Left hand turns. Left hand turns may lead to accidents because motorcyclists sometimes get impatient and try to pass cars making the turn. They might also try speeding through the intersection. 

Practicing Motorcycle Safety

Personal injury lawyers see clients with many types of injuries, from traumatic head injuries to leg injuries that lead to disabilities. To prevent accidents that can cause injuries, it’s important to always practice safe driving for the sake of yourself and other drivers on the road. Some ways you can prevent motorcycle accidents include: 

  • Keeping your motorcycle maintenance up to date and doing routine checks to ensure your parts are in the proper condition.
  • Wearing a helmet, protective clothing, and gear such as elbow and knee pads.
  • Staying alert, driving within the speed limit, and never operating your vehicle while impaired.

Questions To Ask During Your Consultation

Not sure how what to expect when you meet your lawyer? Some questions you can ask your motorcycle accident attorney are:

  • What is the value of my case? An attorney can do a thorough case evaluation, examining factors such as the cost of medical bills and lost wages. 
  • How many motorcycle accidents have you worked on? An experienced lawyer has extensive knowledge of what makes a strong argument that can be successful in the courtroom. 

To learn more about starting a claim, contact a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Lake Worth, Florida today.