Inadequate Security West Palm Beach Attorney

West Palm Beach Inadequate Security Attorney

When West Palm Beach residents leave their home and travel in the community, they rely on the owners and operators of other spaces to provide security while they are there. When others fail in their duty to maintain a safe environment, innocent community members are often victimized. Business owners have a duty to the public to maintain their premises in a safe condition and to ensure that reasonable precautions are taken to keep patrons safe while visiting those premises. Some of these places where safety is needed are obvious, such as at sporting events, concerts, bars, clubs, and other locations where the combination of crowds, emotions, and alcohol often create a potentially dangerous environment. Other places may be less obvious, such as shopping malls, office buildings and complexes, apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels and parking garages.

When injuries caused by inadequate security occur, they are usually the result of violent criminal attacks on patrons. Rapes, robberies, murders, assaults, and other types of criminal activities are often the grounds for inadequate security lawsuits. The victims of these vicious attacks can suffer terrible consequences, including long-term disabilities that require surgery, physical therapy, and other extensive medical treatment. Of course, the physical injuries are often coupled with the emotional turmoil that being the victim of a violent crime can cause.

Of course, the actual perpetrators of these brutal crimes are very much to blame for the harm caused to the victims. However, in many cases these perpetrators cannot be located or identified. In addition, a full examination of the causes of some of these violent crimes reveals that property or business owners may have been able to prevent the harm had they acted reasonably to keep the location safe. In those situations, victims can seek recourse against the owners of the premises on which the attack occurred for a failure to provide security. For example, in a parking lot or garage, the owners are usually required to supply adequate lighting. What is adequate depends on the size of the lot, what times of the day it is in use, and the safety of the area in which it is located. Additionally, the type of attack and the similarity of the attack to previous incidents in the area often make it necessary for business owners to take extra steps to keep patrons safe.

If you have been injured in an attack on premises belonging to another, you may be entitled to compensation from the owners of the business or property. For years, our West Palm Beach inadequate security lawyer has helped injury victims in our area receive fair redress from those who contributed to their harm. Attorney Eric H. Luckman is familiar with the precautions that businesses and property owners reasonably need to employ in order to keep their patrons safe from others. Whatever happened in your particular situation, you have nothing to lose from contacting our Palm Beach injury attorney to share your story. Please call our office today to discuss your case and learn how you may be able to receive redress for your losses.