Hurricane Damage Lawyer Delray Beach FL

What Can The Hurricane Damage Lawyer Delray Beach FL Residents Trust Do For You?

Hurricane Damage Lawyer Delray Beach FL

Hurricanes can wreak small amounts of havoc to wide-spread catastrophe so having the hurricane damage lawyer Delray Beach FL turns to on your side is critical to wending your way through the damage.  Consider that in addition to personal injury, hurricanes can cause widespread property damage. Property damage includes to real property like houses, as well as personal property like cars, boats, and home contents.

What can the hurricane damage lawyer Delray Beach FL trusts do for you in this situation? They can help assess the extent of the damage and advise you regarding the various policies that will be implicated. They can also help with the tricky and intricate insurance claim forms that will need to be completed, addressing “low ball” offers from the insurance company, and possible claims against manufacturers for defects that are exposed as a result of the storm or cause more damage than normal.  

Even if you do not have catastrophic or substantial damage, the hurricane damage lawyer Delray Beach FL knows and uses can advise you before the next storm on coverage issues, liability issues arising in the event of a storm, and can help identify potential problems before they become giant headaches.

For example, the typical insurance policy will cover most damage from a hurricane to the main structure, contents and personal property, other structures, and in some cases, living expenses and loss of income if the dwelling is rendered uninhabitable.  And remember, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flooding, only wind and hail.

Of course, after a storm of great magnitude where an insurance company is looking at thousands of claims, the company has an incentive to delay payment, underpay, or deny payment. When it is your claim that is delayed, underpaid, or denied, you need to turn to the hurricane damage lawyer Delray Beach FL residents use.  They can file a hurricane damage claim against your insurance company and aggressively pursue the company until it gives you a better deal.

This attorney can also represent you in claims filed by others alleging damage to their properties and as a result of your property in a storm.  These claims can be just as hard to deal with on your own since it can be incredibly difficult to identify the chain of events that lead to the damage, or even if your property was at fault. This is another headache you can avoid by finding the right counsel. Call us today for consultation with the hurricane damage lawyer Delray Beach FL is turning to after the storm has passed. 

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