How to Find the Right Lawyer in Palm Beach County, FL

Now that Hurricane Irma has swept through Florida and left a wave of destruction in her wake, many residents will now be looking to find a Palm Beach County, FL lawyer to help them recover. The longest journey starts with the first step and your first step here should be to assess your damage to determine what kind of legal help you might need.

Some obvious reasons that you might need a Palm Beach County, FL lawyer include problems dealing with your insurance company, especially with regards to coverage questions and reimbursement costs. Insurance companies are run for profit and often times their bottom line may not line up with yours. When your home is on the line, you want to make sure that you have the best representation possible to get all that you are entitled to.

Other reasons to need a Palm Beach County, FL lawyer include suits against third parties such as manufacturers for defective products.  For example, those hurricane shutters were guaranteed to withstand a Category 5 and yet Irma destroyed them. You may have a claim against the manufacturer and/or the installer for the damage that resulted from your windows no longer being covered.

More tragically, it is also possible to need a Palm Beach County, FL lawyer for a wrongful death suit if a loved one died during or after the storm as a result of another’s negligence or lack of care.  This is particularly true in cases of deaths of those who were not able to care for themselves.  The duty of care one person owes to another is not suspended in natural disasters and Hurricane Irma was no exception.

Once you have a general idea of why you need a Palm Beach County, FL lawyer, narrow your search to those attorneys whose primary practice is in the area that you need.  A tax attorney is great around April 15, but is probably not going to be of much help negotiating with your insurance company.  By searching for a Palm Beach County, FL lawyer you are also ensuring that you will find an attorney who lives in your community and is invested in rebuilding it with you.

Consult the collective wisdom of your area also when searching for a Palm Beach County, FL lawyer.  Your neighbors, co-workers, and friends can help you cut through the noise of your search and narrow it down to the attorney or firm that you feel is most qualified to handle your case.  Now that the storm has passed, there is no time to waste.