Florida Car Accident Lawyer

Florida Car Accident Lawyer

You’re a good driver. You obey traffic laws, you show caution when necessary and you’re always alert when you’re behind the wheel. You never thought you’d be involved in a car accident, and yet here you are. The unfortunate news for anyone who elects to get on the road is that it isn’t just you out there, it’s everyone else too. Being a good driver doesn’t automatically guarantee your safety, which you just found out the hard way. The good news is that if your car accident was caused by the negligence of another person, you can seek compensation with the assistance of a Florida car accident lawyer. Please contact the Law Offices of Eric H. Luckman, P.A. as soon as possible so that we can get to work preserving your legal options and protecting your rights. 


What do I need to begin seeking compensation? 


An experienced Florida car accident lawyer will be able to help you file necessary claims and supplement the paperwork and processes involved, but you will still need to provide a few things “on your end.” In general, the more information you have – the better. That means gathering contact information from all parties involved in the accident (passengers, drivers, etc) as well as from any witnesses. Witness statements can prove to be invaluable in car accident cases, so do your best to obtain these after the accident. You’ll also want to take as many photos of the accident as possible to help back up any statements. Lastly, you’ll want to provide your Florida car accident lawyer with a detailed, first-hand account of the accident. The sooner you write this (or give an oral account to your attorney, possibly recorded on video), the clearer the details will be and the more you’ll remember. 


Should I reject or accept a settlement from the insurance company? 


The answer will depend heavily on your case specifically and the mindset you’re in. Typically, you will want to reject initial settlement offers  from insurance companies because these initial offers are often much less than what your case is really worth. If you’ve been offered a settlement check, consult with your Florida car accident lawyer before making a decision. If you’re further into the case and you’re offered a settlement, you still don’t have to accept it but you’ll want to explore all of your options before making a decision. It’s important to review your case and possible avenues/outcomes with your Florida car accident lawyer to determine what is best.