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How to Find a Hurricane Claim Lawyer Delray Beach FLAfter a storm blows through, you may find yourself asking how to find a hurricane claim lawyer Delray Beach FL homeowners trust and know to help with your insurance claim. While Google can help, it’s best to know what you need to look for in a hurricane claim lawyer to be able to find the right one. Here are some tips.

Find a hurricane lawyer who is in your community. They are going to understand far better than a firm even from another part of Florida where you come from and what you are dealing with.  Local attorneys can also have valuable contacts with local contractors who can be at your property sooner than the out of town contractors hired by the insurance company. They also know the laws of the area you are in, including zoning laws should major rebuilding need to be undertaken.  Finally, local attorneys may also be better known amongst your friends and colleagues meaning they can give you a meaningful assessment of that attorney, which you may not be able to get with an out-of-town firm.

While you are asking how to find a hurricane claim lawyer Delray Beach FL residents turn to after a storm, look also at the attorney’s main areas of practice. If the attorney primarily practices in bankruptcy, this is not going to be the attorney you want. Similarly, if the attorney has a heavy practice in insurance defense – as in representing insurance companies in actions brought by policyholders – that attorney may not be the best fit.  Ask how many cases the attorney has brought against insurance companies and find out the results.

Reach out to several different attorneys as each will have a different caseload or willingness to take on your case. Ask about how the attorney charges for their time. For example, do they charge on a contingent fee basis meaning they only collect if your claim is favorably decided or settled?  Or, do they charge on an hourly basis? Depending upon the nature of your claim, either one may be appropriate.

If you are asking your friends how to find a hurricane claim lawyer Delray Beach FL homeowners turn to, ask for their recommendations. Florida has known hurricanes before so chances are, at least one friend will have some experience in this area.  The ultimate decision on who to hire, however, should remain solely with you and be based on your circumstances, your goals, and in some cases, your resources. Contact Luckman Law today.

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