Dog Bite Lawyer Delray Beach, FL

Dog Bite Lawyer Delray Beach, FL

Dog bite lawyer Delray Beach, FlA serious dog bite injury can be grounds for a strong case, so if you’ve suffered a dog bite you may want to contact a Delray Beach, Fl dog bite lawyer. Being a victim of a dog attack can be a traumatic event and can result in long-term emotional and physical damage. Sometimes dog attacks are caused due to owner negligence or improper handling of an animal. Florida law states that the owner is responsible if their dog attacks a person, regardless if negligence occurred.

Dog bite lawyer Delray Beach, Florida

If you’ve experienced moderate to severe injuries that resulted from a dog bite, it may be beneficial for you to reach out to a dog bite lawyer in Delray Beach, Florida such as one from the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A. With 27 years of practice representing a variety of clients, we can help you set up your claim so that you can receive a proper settlement.

Understanding Dog Aggression

Most of the time dogs are aggressive out of fear, a desire to protect their puppies, or a lack of training from their owners. Sometimes, abuse from an owner can cause a dog to lash out at people they don’t know. In certain cases, there are extra requirements for owners who have dogs with a history of biting. While most responsible pet owners take the time to conduct the necessary training for dogs, there are others who fail to to give their animals this training. It’s important for people to understand the root of aggression in dogs so they can prevent dangerous interactions that might result in injury to both humans and dogs. 

How to Take Care Around Animals

To minimize the chances of dog bites from happening in the future, know the fundamentals of animal behavior and proper guidelines for safe animal interaction. Take simple precautions to make yourself and the dog feel safe, such as keeping your distance and asking the owner for permission before petting their dog. Keep these steps in mind whenever you’re interacting with unfamiliar animals or even any pet outside your household. 

Collecting Dog Bite Evidence

Though most dog bites are minor and heal quickly, some do cause more serious or permanent damage, such as infections or nerve damage. In the event of a serious dog bite, it can cause complications that can result in scars or even a disability. Keep these records to gather detailed and accurate evidence for your case: 

  • Photos. Take photos of your injury as soon as possible.  
  • Medical records. Obtain copies of any medical records from your healthcare provider. 
  • Witness statements. Compile contact information and statements from witnesses who may have seen the attack.  

Meet with an Experienced Legal Representative 

Start a case evaluation with an experienced attorney so that you can expedite your recovery after suffering an injury from a dog attack. If you or someone you know has experienced a dog bite accident, contact a qualified dog bite lawyer in Delray Beach, Fl for a free initial consultation now.