Defective Product Lawyer Greenacres, FL

Defective Product Lawyer Greenacres, FL

Defective Product Lawyer in Greenacres, FLAs a defective product lawyer that the Greenacres, FL area knows very well, product defects can have devastating consequences for consumers who use them. They can cause many types of injuries, and even the smallest defects can be capable of lasting harm. Consumers expect that the products they purchase on the market are safe for use. No one should be left to suffer the consequences of an unexpected injury on their own, especially since costs to recover from an injury can quickly pile up. If you or a loved one sustained an injury that was directly caused by a product defect, a skilled attorney like one from the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A. can assist you if you would like to file a claim. 

Defective Product Lawyer in Greenacres, FL

The Law Office Eric H. Luckman has been serving the Greenacres, Florida community for over 37 years, providing quality legal services for numerous clients. Handling a variety of personal injury cases and other practice areas, his team is highly familiar with the needs of clients, and is committed to fighting for full compensation that covers the extent of their damages. He and his team understand the intricacies of the legal process and know how to utilize the strategies that are effective for building a strong case. Learn more about what services are available and how they can assist you. 

Who Is Liable For A Defective Product?

As a top Greenacres, FL defective product lawyer can tell you, product liability can be linked to one or multiple parties. The manufacturer of a product is frequently held liable, but any third party that is part of the product’s supply chain can be pursued in a product defect case. According to Florida law, in defective products, also known as product liability cases, the injured victim does not have the burden of having to prove the manufacturer’s negligence. They only have to prove a link that the defective product caused the injury. In legal terms, this concept is known as “strict liability”, and allows victims to seek recovery for damages. As there may be many complexities in a product defect case, it is beneficial to ask a lawyer about which parties may be held liable for your particular case. 

Legal Advice From a Qualified Lawyer

Products that are available for the public to buy should not result in any injury. Fortunately, there is legal assistance available if you have been directly harmed by an unsafe defective product. The parties involved with the creation and assembly of the defective product should be investigated not just for the victim’s benefit but for the safety of others who may also be victims. The longer you delay the more difficult it may be for a lawyer to help you, as it takes time to accurately gather evidence and construct a strong case. As a victim, it is recommended that you take action to gain full comprehension of the details surrounding your case. Contact an admired Greenacres, FL defective product lawyer who can evaluate your case at no initial cost today.