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Construction Accident Lawyer Boynton Beach, FLAny construction accident lawyer Boynton Beach, FL clients choose can tell you that construction is a dangerous industry. Working at substantial heights, around heavy machinery, and in the presence of hazardous debris are just a few of the risk factors. Annually, construction work leads to more injuries and death than other industries.

However, construction work can be performed safely, which means that accidents and injuries should be accounted for by the responsible party. If you were injured on a construction site it may be best to speak with a Boynton Beach construction accident lawyer who is familiar with such cases. He or she may be able to help you seek the compensation for your injury that you deserve.

Common Construction Site Injuries

Just as there are a variety of hazards, circumstances, and environments across construction sites, there is also a range of construction site injuries. By choosing a construction accident lawyer Boynton Beach, FL clients recognize as expert counsel, you will be better informed about whether or not your particular injury is eligible for a personal injury lawsuit.

Some of the most common–and serious–types of construction site injuries are:

  • Equipment-related injuries
  • Fires and explosions
  • Repetitive motion and overexertion injuries
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Crushed or otherwise injured by a falling object

In addition, according to the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration, or OSHA, the “fatal four” categories of injury that lead to around sixty percent of deaths among construction workers include:

  • Falls
  • Struck by an object
  • Electrocution
  • Stuck in-between two types of surfaces or objects

Having a construction accident lawyer Boynton Beach, FL trusts in your corner can help you more thoroughly and confidently determine whether or not to pursue litigation.

Legal Options After a Construction Site Accident

One of the most significant pieces of a construction site personal injury lawsuit is whether workers’ compensation applies. Alongside a construction accident lawyer Boynton Beach, FL clients know and trust, you will want to decide if it would be wiser or more fitting to pursue a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim. Although the options seem similar, here are the main differences between the two:

Workers’ compensation entitles employees to financial compensation if injured while on the job, even if their employers did not act negligently. These rules only apply between individuals and direct employers. Generally, you would receive less from a workers’ compensation claim than from a personal injury claim.
Personal injury lawsuits are applicable to subcontractors or those not directly employed by a construction site manager. This would also be a better route for suing the manufacturer of a faulty piece of equipment, or if you are not a construction worker but were injured on a site.

A construction accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL, can help you determine which option is best for your unique situation.

A Construction Accident Lawyer Boynton Beach, FL Offers Answers the Question:

Do I still have a case if I wasn’t wearing the right safety gear?

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States because of the number of injuries and fatalities that its workers sustain every year. Construction workers are entitled to receive compensation to cover the costs of their injuries. In instances of fatalities, the victim’s surviving family members may have legal recourse in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit. A construction accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL can provide you more information on this if you lost a loved one in a construction site accident.

The Responsibility of Construction Companies to Maintain a Safe Worksite

By law, construction companies are required to maintain a reasonably safe worksite for their employees. What is considered reasonable? Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, but a large percentage of them are avoidable. The federal agency known as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the State of Florida specify and impose safety requirements and construction standards to which companies must comply. When a construction company violates these laws and it results in an injury to an employee, the company is required to compensate the worker for their injury-related losses. A construction accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL can represent you and protect your rights if you were injured in this way.

Common Construction Company Violations of Laws and Safety Requirements

There are many ways in which a construction company may fail in their responsibilities to maintaining the safety of their employees. Our construction accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL lists these common examples of construction company violations:

· Not meeting OSHA safety standards or standards set by the Florida Statutes, federal or state guidelines.
· Not properly training employees insofar as practicing safe work habits and following safety guidelines or protocols.
· Not adequately supervising the work of their employees to make sure their actions and working conditions are safe.
· Not using reasonable preventative measures to minimize the risk of dangerous conditions such as posting signs or cordoning off hazardous areas.
· Not providing safety equipment that is fully functioning and appropriate for the working conditions including safety harnesses, helmets, and other gear.

Workers Compensation for Injured Construction Workers

If you are a construction worker who was injured while on the job, under most circumstances you will qualify for workers compensation. Workers compensation is a “no fault” program in that it does not matter if you were partially or completely at fault for your accident. (For details about exceptions to this general rule, speak to a construction accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL.) If you were not wearing the right safety gear, and that contributed to causing your injury, this should have no effect on your eligibility for benefits.

Protect Your Rights

If your employer or the workers compensation board denied your claim for benefits in relation to your workplace injury, contact a law firm immediately. Construction site accidents often lead to serious injuries and can require expensive medical care. Call a construction accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL to find out more about your rights as an injured worker.

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