Commercial General Liability Coverage Claims

An commercial liability insurance lawyer Delray Beach FL relies on can help you understand commercial general liability insurance coverage. Policies that provide this coverage protect businesses against claims made by others. For example, if a general contractor working on an office building is sued because a visitor is injured due to the manner in which the contractor’s work is performed, the contractor’s commercial general liability insurance policy should provide protection against the claim. These claims often involve a physical injury or property damage, but can also involve claims for libel, slander and advertising injury.

The coverage available under commercial general liability insurance policies has its limits.  A commercial liability insurance lawyer Delray Beach FL offers can help you understand the language in the policy.  It does not provide coverage for example, for claims brought against a business if the grounds for the claim are that the business breached a contract, causing economic damage to another business. Claims for poor workmanship, intentional acts, assault and battery and claims arising from the use of a motor vehicle are also usually excluded from coverage under these policies. Most commercial general policies cover all of the business’ employees, as well as officers and directors, if a claim results from actions taken on behalf of the business. Most policies also provide that if a lawsuit is brought against its business or employees, officers or directors, the insurance company will hire and pay for a lawyer to defend the case, provided that coverage exists for the claim under the policy.

Several years ago our commercial liability insurance lawyer Delray Beach FL firm was hired by a waterproofing contractor to represent it in a claim against its commercial general liability insurer. The insurer had refused to pay judgment of more than 1 million dollars entered against the contractor in a construction defects lawsuit, claiming that the judgment resulted from the poor workmanship of the contractor and was therefore excluded from coverage under the policy. We were able to convince the judge that the policy only excluded that part of the judgment made for repair to the waterproofing system and that it did not exclude coverage for the amount awarded to fix the damage to the rest of the project which was caused by the failure of the waterproofing system. The case ultimately settled with the insurer paying enough money to satisfy the judgment in full.

Insurance disputes, like insurance policies can be complicated and difficult for most people to understand. A commercial liability insurance lawyer Delray Beach FL trusts can assist you with your claim.

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