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Boynton Beach Woman Recovering After Being Hit by Her Own Car

Our Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer was alarmed to hear about a devastating injury suffered by an 82-year-old area woman this week. Gilda Grocco Bartlett, of Boynton Beach, drove her car out to her mailbox on the morning of March 9 to pick up her mail. According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, Ms. Bartlett stopped, put her vehicle in park and climbed out to walk to the mailbox. After she exited the car, the gears apparently slipped back into reverse, and the vehicle began to move backwards. Unable to get out of its path, Ms. Bartlett was struck by the open driver’s side door of her own vehicle. She was then dragged for approximately 30 feet before she was able to get free of the car. Even after striking and dragging the victim, the car continued to move backwards in circles at about 10 or 15 miles per hour. A rescue firefighter who arrived on the scene, Jody Marlow, tried to jump into the vehicle in an effort o stop it, but was unable to do so. Marlow was injured in the attempt, though the injuries were not serious. Police were finally able to bring the runaway car to a stop by placing a patrol car in its path. Gilda Bartlett was taken to Delray Medical Center, where she is reportedly in serious but stable condition. Continue reading “Boynton Beach Woman Recovering After Being Hit by Her Own Car”

Product Recall Alert: Pfizer Birth Control Pills Recalled

pfizer.jpgOur West Palm Beach injury lawyer brings you this story with the hope that you will pass it on to any friends and family that may be affected. Last week, prescription drug manufacturing giant Pfizer issued a recall for approximately 1 million packages of a birth control pill labeled as Lo/Ovral-28 and its generic version called Norgestrel. The company cited a problem with the packaging of the pills, which may result in the incorrect type of pill being taken on any given day throughout the cycle. Continue reading “Product Recall Alert: Pfizer Birth Control Pills Recalled”

Man Claims Antidepressant Caused Him to Kill Girlfriend

Our West Palm Beach injury attorney is well aware of the reasons that controlled substances of all different varieties are so heavily regulated in the United States. Many of the prescription and over-the-counter drugs that Americans use every day provide invaluable benefits to people who are suffering from all kinds of illnesses and ailments. However, these drugs often come with side effects, which in some cases can be positively devastating. One need only spend a few minutes channel surfing to come across at least one television commercial promoting the latest drug to remedy everything from high blood pressure to arthritis and everything in between. But these same commercials, after telling consumers how beneficial the drugs are, also inevitably contain a laundry list of potential side effects, with some even warning of the possibility of death. Continue reading “Man Claims Antidepressant Caused Him to Kill Girlfriend”

Dangerous Toy List Revealed in Time for Black Friday

As millions of shoppers across the nation head out to their local malls, shopping centers, and discount stores to try to take advantage of annual Black Friday sales and specials, one of the biggest concerns for parents will be finding toys for their children that are not only entertaining, but also safe. Just in time to kick off this year’s Christmas shopping, the annual “Trouble in Toyland” report has been released. The “Trouble in Toyland” report identifies toys that are potentially dangerous and compiles a list to help parents make informed decisions when purchasing. Continue reading “Dangerous Toy List Revealed in Time for Black Friday”

Safety Recall for Over 1 Million Swimming Pool Drain Covers

According to a report on CBS 12 News in West Palm Beach, various swimming pool equipment manufacturers have issued a massive voluntary safety recall of swimming pool drain covers after the discovery that the covers could cause swimmers to get trapped on the bottom of the pool and drown. The drain covers in question are flat and relatively small, so a person’s body could completely seal off the cover, creating a suction force so strong that he or she could not get free. Continue reading “Safety Recall for Over 1 Million Swimming Pool Drain Covers”

Florida Supreme Court Decisions Often Affect Florida Injury Lawsuits

Our Palm Beach injury attorney understands that a crucial component of the job of a lawyer is to understand all the ways that a client may recover for their losses. This often requires keeping up to date with all relevant legal decisions that may have ramifications for injury victims in our area. Most of the time this means that the lawyer needs to understand precedents in a given area of the law. These include previous cases and ruling on particular issues such as when a lawsuit must be filed, who can be sued, and other issues. In the vast majority of cases a court is bound by that precedent and must apply the rule decided in a previous case. However, in rare instances, an attorney is called upon to argue on behalf of a client in an area in which no previous rule has been created. Continue reading “Florida Supreme Court Decisions Often Affect Florida Injury Lawsuits”