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Florida Inadequate Security Lawyers are Stepping into the Ring

nightclub.jpgAs a resident of Florida, our Boynton Beach injury lawyer knows that people often come to the beaches of this state for vacations and to have a good time. Often, this includes trips to one of the many night clubs that our cities have to offer. Most of the time, the night club experience is a good one, and patrons leave after a fun night filled with music and dancing. However, there have been a growing number of troubling night club incidents such as fist fights, stabbings, and even shootings. These incidents have brought night club security measures into the legal spotlight and forced club owners to take a more exacting look at what they are doing to keep their patrons safe. Continue reading “Florida Inadequate Security Lawyers are Stepping into the Ring”

Serious Safety Violations Found At Palm Beach County Schools

Our Palm Beach injury lawyer has worked with many individuals who have been harmed because of poor property maintenance. Visitors have a reasonable expectation that their surroundings are safe when they are shopping at the grocery store, walking through a public building, or even visiting another’s home. Owners and operators of spaces generally have a duty to warn visitors of certain dangers that exist in the area and makes changes to eliminate those dangers. They can reasonably be held responsible for the harm caused when they fail in this duty. Continue reading “Serious Safety Violations Found At Palm Beach County Schools”