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Florida Taser-Related Brain Injury Goes Unpunished

handcuffs.jpgIn recent years, the use of tasers by police officers has increased. While tasers, or stun guns as they are also known, are generally considered a safe and non-lethal method of detaining an uncooperative or fleeing suspect, there have been a significant number of Florida taser-related injuries and deaths, especially over the last couple years. Many people think that giving police stun guns as an alternative to deadly force was a good practice because it encouraged police to exhaust every possible remedy prior to discharging their firearms. However, as more time passes, it seems that many officers have come to rely on their tasers as a way to bring a suspect into submission even when they are not really being threatened. Because they are considered safe, stun guns are being used more and more often, but the more they are used, the more we see that they are not always safe. Continue reading “Florida Taser-Related Brain Injury Goes Unpunished”