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Court Upholds Florida Sinkhole Property Insurance Rule

Sinkholes have been in the news lately and Floridians are rightly concerned about both safety and ensuring their property is properly covered by insurance in case a sinkhole damages their home. Building off of our last post on sinkholes and the difficulties for homeowners and their insurance policies in Florida (see post here), our Florida property insurance lawyers saw another recent story about a case involving this very issue. Continue reading “Court Upholds Florida Sinkhole Property Insurance Rule”

Florida Supreme Court Decisions Often Affect Florida Injury Lawsuits

Our Palm Beach injury attorney understands that a crucial component of the job of a lawyer is to understand all the ways that a client may recover for their losses. This often requires keeping up to date with all relevant legal decisions that may have ramifications for injury victims in our area. Most of the time this means that the lawyer needs to understand precedents in a given area of the law. These include previous cases and ruling on particular issues such as when a lawsuit must be filed, who can be sued, and other issues. In the vast majority of cases a court is bound by that precedent and must apply the rule decided in a previous case. However, in rare instances, an attorney is called upon to argue on behalf of a client in an area in which no previous rule has been created. Continue reading “Florida Supreme Court Decisions Often Affect Florida Injury Lawsuits”