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$3.3 Million Verdict for Wrongful Detainment

A 2008 incident that started out as a routine trip to the bank for a Miami man but quickly turned into a terrifying nightmare has resulted in a $3.3 million jury award. According to the Miami Herald, on July 3, 2008, Rodolfo Valladeres walked into a Bank of America to cash a check for $100. The bank teller, thinking that Valladeres was there to rob the bank, triggered a silent alarm to alert police. Minutes later, local police descended upon the bank, rushed inside, and ordered everyone to the ground. They then grabbed Valladeres and forced him to the floor, where he was handcuffed and even kicked in the head. It took bank employees and police several minutes before they realized that they had the wrong man. Continue reading “$3.3 Million Verdict for Wrongful Detainment”