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Florida’s Mentally Ill Patients Running Out of Options

abuse.jpgOur West Palm Beach injury attorney was saddened to read about an investigation by The Miami Herald this week. The story revealed how the investigation has uncovered a tragic and frightening trend occurring in Florida and most likely in other states across the nation. The state has closed down many mental hospitals, forcing the patients housed there to be relocated. With other mental hospitals filled to capacity, the state has been forced to relocate many of the patients into assisted living facilities that were originally intended to house only the elderly. Additionally, more and more mentally ill patients have been put into smaller areas, with some neighborhoods becoming havens for patients suffering from all kinds of problems. Continue reading “Florida’s Mentally Ill Patients Running Out of Options”

Florida Legislature Aims to Toughen Restrictions on Assisted Living Facilities

elder abuse.jpgFlorida lawmakers reversed course this week on policy changes that will affect people across the state. Although just a few months ago, the state legislature was considering removing some of the restrictions and rules that govern Florida assisted living facilities (“ALFs”), such as nursing homes for elderly or terminally ill patients. However, due to mounting complaints about Florida nursing home abuse and neglect of patients, lawmakers have changed their plans and are now working on new regulations that would increase scrutiny of ALFs and give the state more power to control the issuance and revocation of licenses. Continue reading “Florida Legislature Aims to Toughen Restrictions on Assisted Living Facilities”