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What is animal liability coverage and why you should add it to your Homeowner’s Policy


Back in November I wrote a blog post called “Insurance coverage for dog bites?” It discussed dog bite claims and the difficulty in getting the homeowner’s insurer for a dog owner to pay the claim. This difficulty arises from the fact that a number of years ago most homeowner’s insurers added exclusions to their policies that bar coverage for “animal liability,” including dog bites. Continue reading “What is animal liability coverage and why you should add it to your Homeowner’s Policy”

Insurance coverage for dog bites?

You were attacked and bitten by a dog, either while at someone’s home or off the dog owner’s property. Your injuries are serious and the dog owner tells you not to worry because their homeowner’s insurance will cover claim. Can you rest easy? Are all your bills and lost wages going to be taken care of? What about all your pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life? Are you going to be compensated for this? Continue reading “Insurance coverage for dog bites?”

Child Seriously Injured After Unprovoked Dog Attack

An 11-year-old was viciously attacked by a dog, causing serious injury to her face that will require ongoing medical treatment. According to an article in WPBF News, Jacklyn Tucker is undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatments after having her upper lip ripped off by a friend’s family dog. Since the attack, Jacklyn has been receiving treatment at the intensive care unit at St. Mary’s Medical Center. Reports do not indicate that the little girl did anything to disturb the dog. According to Jack Tucker, Jacklyn’s father, the dog was on the floor and started growling at her. Our Palm Beach injury attorneys are aware that dogs can viciously attack even when unprovoked. Children are often the victims of these incidents. Continue reading “Child Seriously Injured After Unprovoked Dog Attack”

Jury Awards $1.26 Million to Florida Dog Bite Victim

bite.jpgA Florida jury sent a powerful message to dog owners this week when it awarded Marie Tatman $1.26 million in compensation for a vicious Florida dog bite injury Tatman suffered in 2007. The attack occurred at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida, where the victim’s daughter had entered her own dog in a dog show. According to an article by Florida Today, Tatman’s lawyer said that the attack was unprovoked and that it occurred when his client was walking past the dog, an Akita. The dog grabbed her ankle in his mouth and bit down, crushing the bones in his teeth.

The dog’s owner claimed that the attack had been provoked by Tatman tripping over her dog, but the jury did not believe that version of events, probably in part because of the Akita’s violent history. The dog had previously bitten at least three other people, and owners had been told that he should not be put back into a home. However, his life was spared on the condition that he spend the rest of his life in a rural setting, away from people. Continue reading “Jury Awards $1.26 Million to Florida Dog Bite Victim”