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Bicycle Accidents Risks and Remedies

The State of Florida is a bicycle rider’s paradise. With virtually year around sunshine and warm weather as well as miles and miles of incredibly beautiful coastline, it should come as no surprise that bicycles are a common sight in Florida. Unfortunately, despite efforts by advocacy groups and governmental agencies to making biking safer, riders remain at serious risk of being involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. Moreover, bicyclists who are involved in a collision often suffer catastrophic, even fatal, injuries. If you have been injured in a bicycle crash and another party caused, or contributed to, the collision you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Continue reading “Bicycle Accidents Risks and Remedies”

Disagreement Over Whether Red Light Cameras Prevent Palm Beach Car Accidents

West Palm Beach car accidents injure thousands of residents every year. While the total number of fatalities caused by these crashes has decreased slightly over the past decade the total number of accidents has remained constant. Unfortunately, negligent driving remains as prevalent in our area as ever before. It is only through superior safety designs by car manufacturers that fewer lives are lost in area accidents. Our Palm Beach car accident lawyer works with many victims who have been hurt by the driving mistakes of others. Continue reading “Disagreement Over Whether Red Light Cameras Prevent Palm Beach Car Accidents”