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Florida Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Some insureds parties do not understand the obligation of their insurance providers to act in good faith when they make a claim. These insureds expect that their insurance company will handle their claim honestly and fairly, but what can they do if the insurance company balks? Sometimes the insured will take the insurance company’s word that an event isn’t covered by their policy. However, Florida does have an “Insurance Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act” which, allow insured’s a remedy when their insurance company does not handle their claim in good faith. Continue reading “Florida Bad Faith Insurance Claims”

New Florida Bad Faith Insurance Decision

Residents in Palm Beach, Miami, and throughout southern Florida count on their insurance providers to be there when they need them. The entire purpose of paying premiums into an insurance policy is to provide peace of mind, knowing that necessary support will be provided in case some unexpected or harmful event occurs. In this way, policyholders place significant trust in their insurance companies, counting on them to act reasonably to abide by the terms of the policies in a timely, fair manner. Continue reading “New Florida Bad Faith Insurance Decision”