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State Legislature Prepares to Authorize Award to Florida Crash Victim

According to the doctrine of sovereign immunity, lawsuits against the state are subject to different rules than those that apply to suits against private citizens. Sovereign immunity is a concept that essentially means that the government cannot be sued by citizens. However, in the United States, this doctrine can be abrogated where the state agrees to waive immunity. Most states and the federal government have passed legislation that allows at least some causes of action to be brought against the government. Continue reading “State Legislature Prepares to Authorize Award to Florida Crash Victim”

Fiery Palm Beach Car Crash Claims Life of One, Leaves Another in Critical Condition

Tragedy struck in the town of Jupiter last Saturday when a vehicle in which two brothers were traveling crashed and burst into flames. When the burning vehicle was discovered by police, officers were able to extinguish the fire and pull one of the brothers, 35-year-old Mario Pizano, out of the car. Mario was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. Unfortunately, Mario’s brother, 39-year-old Jose Jesus Pizano, was not reached in time, and he perished in the fire. car fire.jpg

According to an article from The Palm Beach Post, officers are still investigating the Palm Beach car crash, and at this time, the cause of the accident is not known, nor do authorities know what caused the vehicle to catch fire. No other vehicles were reported to be involved in the collision.

Our West Palm Beach car accident lawyer knows that vehicle crashes happen every day in this area, but the vast majority of them do not result in vehicle fires. Vehicle fires used to occur with greater frequency than they do now. In fact, in the 1970s, Ford designed and released a new car model called the Pinto. The Pinto was Ford’s answer to other vehicle manufacturers’ compact cars, but it came with a fatal design flaw. The gas tank was located too close to the rear bumper, with insufficient protection between the two, so that when the Pinto was rear-ended, even at low speeds, the gas tank often exploded. Many people were badly injured or killed as a result. After lawsuits resulted in the realization that Ford had known about this risk and blatantly disregarded it, the manufacturing of the Pinto was discontinued. Continue reading “Fiery Palm Beach Car Crash Claims Life of One, Leaves Another in Critical Condition”

Disagreement Over Whether Red Light Cameras Prevent Palm Beach Car Accidents

West Palm Beach car accidents injure thousands of residents every year. While the total number of fatalities caused by these crashes has decreased slightly over the past decade the total number of accidents has remained constant. Unfortunately, negligent driving remains as prevalent in our area as ever before. It is only through superior safety designs by car manufacturers that fewer lives are lost in area accidents. Our Palm Beach car accident lawyer works with many victims who have been hurt by the driving mistakes of others. Continue reading “Disagreement Over Whether Red Light Cameras Prevent Palm Beach Car Accidents”

Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney Explains Potential Dangers with Used Car Recalls

Most Palm Beach car accidents involve collisions between two or more vehicles, usually caused by the negligence of one of the drivers. Far too many area residents are harmed in these crashes each day. However, beyond these frequent incidents, cars often pose hidden dangers for many drivers. Those risks are particularly strong when one purchases a used car. Continue reading “Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney Explains Potential Dangers with Used Car Recalls”

Florida Car Accident Attorney Explains Importance of Proper Investigations

file7571263662948.jpgAn experienced West Palm Beach car accident lawyer knows how important it is for thorough, accurate, and complete car accident investigations to be conducted following all traffic crashes. Every day thousands of community members, including many in our area, find themselves victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. The causes of these incidents are often complex–various factors may be involved that are not apparent at first glance. Even when the cause of a West Palm Beach car accident seems clear, a proper investigation may reveal that distractions, malfunctions, or other types of negligence contributed to the accident.

For example, this morning WPBF News reported on a fatal Cooper City car accident that struck yesterday afternoon. Around 3:30 p.m. the victim was driving his car on a local road in Broward County, when, according to witnesses, his vehicle abruptly drove into a yard. The car then crashed through a fence and hit a tree before flipping over and sliding nearly two hundred feet along a gully. The driver was ejected from the vehicle during the accident and did not survive his injuries. Continue reading “Florida Car Accident Attorney Explains Importance of Proper Investigations”

Texting and Driving- The Sad Price Of Technology

Advances in technology have certainly made our lives easier and allows us to be more productive during the course of a day. But at what expense do we pay for these advances? Sometimes it is at the cost of a life. In 2008, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver distraction was the cause of 5,800 deaths and 515,000 injures. Continue reading “Texting and Driving- The Sad Price Of Technology”