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How to Keep Your Dog Safe When Traveling

Car Accident Lawyer Green Acres, FlA car accident lawyer Green Acres, Fl clients recommend understands that a dog is a man’s best friend, for many people. They are our family members and we take their safety very seriously. If you and your pet have endured a collision, we highly recommend seeking the representation of a car accident lawyer in Green Acres, Fl from The Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A. We can help guide you through the legal processes behind finding compensation for your injuries.

Here we have listed some ways you can keep your pet safe while riding as a passenger. For any questions related to safety and legal considerations, please feel free to contact a car accident lawyer Green Acres, Fl families trust at The Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A.

Fit a Well-Fitted Seat Belt
Nowadays, many pet supply stores offer dog harnesses that also attach to your car seat belts. This is great for dogs who are well-mannered when riding in the car, as it secures them in one position during the ride. Just make sure your pup doesn’t chew through the harness while on the journey.

Use a Zipline Harness
This is similar in concept to a seat-belt harness, except that it is great for more active dogs as it allows them to move while still restraining their reach. A zip line clip is used in conjunction with a dog harness.

Dog Crate
This is a perfect choice for relaxed dogs, as the crate provides a safe den that is secure. As a general rule for the right size crate, make sure your dog can stand up and turn around or lay down comfortably. The crate can be placed on the back seat or boot of the car. You can opt to cover a blanket over the crate to help your dog calm down too.

Plush Dog Carry Box
A smaller, comfy box is best for more anxious prone dogs of a small stature. It provides them with a view of their owner and surroundings, yet secures them to the box through a clip on the harness. The carry box is hooked onto the passenger seat and hangs in place.

Hammock for the Back Seat
For older dogs who prefer to lay down while riding in the car, a hammock may be the right choice. The hammock keeps your dog from falling out of the seat and keeps them from trying to climb into the front seat area. Purchase a hammock with a non-slip cover, so it does not slide off the seats. The hammock fastens to the front and rear headrests.

A car accident lawyer Green Acres, Fl locals depend on knows that car accidents happen all too often. Being in a car accident can cause severe damage to your car, your body, and your dog’s wellness. By utilizing the tips above, it can help prevent a future catastrophe.

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