Can I Still Get My Medical Bills Paid if I Was Partially at Fault

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Can I Still Get My Medical Bills Paid if I Was Partially at FaultWhen a car accident occurs it can often be difficult to determine which driver was at fault for the crash and it is best to seek advice from a car accident lawyer in Lake Worth, Florida. In some accidents, like a rear end collision, it is relatively easy to prove that the rear driver was at fault for the accident. In these situations, it is the general rule that you will be able to recover compensation for all of your losses as a result of the accident. In other crash scenarios, however, it can be difficult to prove fault and both drivers may actually share in the negligence that caused the accident. In the state of Florida, if you are partially at fault for the accident you still have the opportunity to recover damages sustained in your accident but your percentage of fault will affect the percentage of damages you are able to recover.

Every state’s laws vary when it comes to negligence in car accidents. A car accident lawyer in Lake Worth, Florida can help you understand Florida laws and how these laws affect your claim. In Florida, if no serious injuries occur in a car accident, the accident falls under Florida’s no fault laws. This means that an injured party’s own insurance company pay their medical expenses and lost wages regardless of who caused the accident. Due to the limitations on no-fault coverage, however, if a serious injury occurs as a result of the accident, the accident will follow the Florida state laws of comparative negligence. Comparative negligence means that a driver involved in a crash can recoup damages from the crash in proportion to how at fault they were in the accident. If a driver is found to have no fault in the accident, they can recoup 100% of damages. If the other party can prove that the injured party was even slightly responsible for the crash, the court can reduce the financial compensation by the percentage of determined fault.

Proving fault, and further, proving a percentage of fault is not an easy task. An experienced car accident lawyer in Lake Worth, Florida can help build your case. Police reports from the accident can be helpful in proving fault. In an official report, an officer usually includes their opinion of who caused the accident and whether a law was broken or drugs and alcohol were involved in the accident. A police officer may issue a traffic citation to the at fault party for violation of a traffic law. All of these details can help build your case and affect your percentage of fault.

A left turn accident, much like a rear end accident, is usually assumed to be the fault of the person making the turn. Most traffic laws dictate that the driver turning must wait until they have a clear opening to turn. In this situation, the turning driver would be considered 100% at fault for the accident. If the second driving going straight, however, was speeding or under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash, this would drastically alter who was really at fault for the accident. A car accident lawyer in Lake Worth, Florida will use police reports, citations, photos from the accident scene, witness testimony, and even accident reconstruction models to build your case and prove fault in a car accident.  

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