How Can a Lawyer Help After a Storm?


No, this is not a lawyer joke, and your Martin County, FL lawyer wants you to know that they are here in the community and ready to help property owners who may have claims after Hurricane Irma.  How can an attorney help?

Most homeowners and property owners who sustained damage during Hurricane Irma will probably turn to an attorney to assist with holding the insurance companies accountable for paying what is owed to these homeowners and property owners.  Even short of that, however, an attorney can be an invaluable resource by assisting you to read your insurance policies, understand what is and is not covered, and what actions you must take to file a claim and/or preserve your claim against the insurance company should they proceed in bad faith.

A Martin County, FL lawyer can also assist with the rebuilding process, from helping to negotiate the terms of a loan to advising on zoning regulations and ordinances if you are looking to rebuild.  They can represent your interests in third party proceedings such as re-zoning of property to use for a new purpose.  Zoning concerns will be at the forefront for many months and years to come as property owners seek to reinvent or rebuild in ways that may not be in conformance with the current zoning.  

If you are a business owner with tenants who sustained damage, a Martin County, FL lawyer can represent your interests in dealing with the tenants’ insurance companies and possible claims of tenants for mitigation of rent or even if they sue you for their damages.  The attorney can also help you review purchasing agreements for new land or buildings as well as financing agreements, should you decide to take that path.

If you do decide to file a suit against your insurance company for their actions (or lackthereof) with respect to your Irma claim, the Martin County, FL lawyer you choose will help prepare the suit, get it filed and served.  Most importantly, they will work to get as much information as possible through discovery to find out exactly what happened with your claim and uncover what the insurance company did or did not do.  The attorney can negotiate a settlement of the claim on your behalf and advise you of your options.

In short, a Martin County, FL lawyer can help you in so many different ways no matter if you are a property owner, a business owner, or someone who lost a great deal of insured property and are having trouble getting your insurance company to pay its fair share.