Burn Injury

West Palm Beach Burn Injury Attorney

Florida burn injuries are among the most painful and long-lasting injuries that local residents can sustain. Burns come in all shapes and sizes, including electrical burns; burns from fire, including automobile fires; hot liquid burns; chemical burns; and more. Our skin is our body’s greatest defense mechanism against disease and infection, but when a burn occurs, we lose much of that defense. Severe burns can lead to permanent nerve damage, scarring, and disfigurement. In many cases these injuries can be life-threatening. If the skin is not able to protect our internal organs from the infection-causing bacteria in the world around us, we cannot survive. Third-degree burns can cause the skin to be unable to regrow, in which case skin must be taken from unburned parts of the body to cover the open wounds. The stress of this surgery on the body, combined with the initial burn, is severe. In addition, victims of burns often suffer from constant pain. Even if they are able to recover from their injuries, Palm Beach burn injury victims often have substantial scarring that can turn even the most routine of tasks, such as a trip to the grocery store, into a self-conscious nightmare. For many, life may never be like it was before.

If you have suffered a burn injury, be sure to seek medical attention immediately. The sooner that a burn is treated, the better the chance of it healing properly. As with any injury, you should heed the advice of your doctor, including seeking additional treatment if necessary and taking proper care of your injuries at home. Taking care of yourself and getting the medical attention that you need should always be your number one priority. Because burns can require extensive treatment and a long recovery time, you should have a friend, family member, or nurse take photographs of the affected areas to document your injury and the healing process.

In a few cases, burns arise by freak accidents that could never truly have been prevented. However, more often than not burns are the result of another’s negligence or sometimes even intentional misconduct. For example, electrical burns are frequently caused by improper wiring by a homeowner or electrician. Burns incurred in automobile fires can arise because of unsafe drivers, poor car design, or improper maintenance. As with all injuries caused by another’s misconduct, burn injury victims may have legal rights to seek redress for their losses. Even if you are unsure whether a lawsuit is an appropriate option to seek accountability for the burns you have sustained, it is always advisable to speak with a Florida burn injury attorney who can help you make sure you identify all potentially responsible parties.

Because of the devastating physical and emotional havoc that burn injuries wreak on the victims, it is important for victims to have professional assistance working with insurance companies or pursuing legal options when a settlement cannot be reached. Our West Palm Beach burn injury lawyer has years of experience helping all area victims as a zealous advocate, ensuring that they receive the compensation that they deserve. It is important to act in a reasonably timely manner when seeking legal counsel. In Florida, most injury cases must be filed within two years of the date of the injury or the victims will be forever barred from recovery.

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