Building a Bear or a Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawyer

Every business dreams of an over-the-top successful promotion, but what happens when it is too successful? A personal injury lawyer Arlington, TX trusts knows the answer only too well. On July 12, 2018, Build-a-Bear Workshop, Inc. opened its doors to massive crowds clamoring to claim their “Pay your Age” Build a Bear.  Customers who visit the store on July 11 only, can pay their current age in dollar to make your favorite furry friend character. If you have a 4-year old and a 5-year old, you will pay $9.00.  Of course, accessories are sold separately, but with the money savings, customers are expected to splurge. For example, try removing your screaming 6-year old without the complete outfit. Shocking!! But what is actually very shocking is tidal wave of customers that responded and wanted their cuddly creature.

Amid this highly successful campaign, today most all Build-a-Bear stores were forced to turn away all the crowds and shut down their stores.

A spokesperson for the store responds: “We understand our affected Guests may be disappointed, and we are working to address the situation,” the Build-A-Bear said in a statement. “We will reach out directly to our valued Guests as soon as possible.”

Build-a-Bear’s website boasts $357.9 million dollars in fiscal 2017, but digging a little deeper the company has had lack luster earnings since 2015.  It seemed the fad was fading and building a teddy bear at a mall wasn’t as cool as it used to be. This time of year is especially hard on the retailer, but even during the last holiday season posted dismal earnings.

I blame it on the mall.  Have you been to the mall lately? Nope, me neither.  Wait, I do remember a few months back going to a (used to be) popular, state-of-the-art mall in Arlington and was approached by peddler after peddler trying to bother me and hand me something.  Do you remember those annoying perfume ladies that would spray perfume on you as you walked by or insist on giving you a sample? Well – now – they – are – everywhere!!! Every store has a “salesperson” outside their front door ready to accost you with a supposed “free” sample of something.  I remember dodging and weaving the annoyances that popped up in front of me. Too bad you can’t “whack a mole” in real life. 😉

In an attempt to recover from this debacle, some customers were issued a voucher to enable a better flow of traffic to the stores over the next several weeks to avoid the long wait times.  Only time will tell if this dispels disaster or success for the for this global company. They always say there is no such thing as “bad press.” You must admit, it is very rare that an ad campaign makes the news.



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