Brain Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach FL

Brain Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach FL

West Palm Beach Brain Injury Attorney

Brain Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach FLA brain injury can be one of the most difficult injuries from which to recover. The brain is the central control center for all of the body’s functions, and therefore severe brain damage can leave the victim without the ability to care for themselves or even to perform involuntary bodily functions without assistance.

West Palm Beach brain injuries can occur in a virtually infinite number of ways. Some of the most common include car accidents, falls, and sports injuries, but any kind of head trauma can cause damage to the brain. When brain damage does occur, the potential consequences are numerous and varied. Depending on which part of the brain is harmed and how bad the injury is, brain injuries symptoms often include short- or long-term memory loss, loss of motor function control, vision or speech impairment, loss of social skills, inability to control muscle movements, and a variety of other physical and mental impairments. In some severe cases, victims may even experience a lack of control over the performance of various involuntary bodily functions and may require the use of invasive equipment to perform these functions for them.

Even when a brain injury does not appear to be particularly serious the rehabilitation can be extensive. Mere minor head trauma can require months, if not years, of therapy to restore it to its pre-injury state. No matter how severe the injury, it is almost always advisable to have the aid of a Palm Beach brain injury lawyer if you or a loved one experiences one of these injuries in our area.

Unfortunately, there are times when unscrupulous insurance companies representing those responsible for causing the injury will try to settle with the victims quickly for less than what their claims are actually worth. In any situation, if an insurance company is offering a lump sum settlement, the victim is best served by having the aid of an attorney experienced in these issues to ensure that the award is reasonable under the circumstances. These injuries have serious repercussions on the lives of the victims and their entire families, and so having an advocate looking out for your interest is crucial. Having a West Palm Beach Brain Injury attorney to protect your rights is especially important in brain injury cases because treatment can drag on for so long. Not knowing how much treatment will be required over the next several years can make it difficult to know if an agreement with involved parties accurately accounts for the total loss suffered as a result of the negligence.

If you or a loved one has suffered brain trauma and you believe someone may be at fault for that injury, please give our West Palm Beach brain injury lawyer, Eric H. Luckman, a call today. Our office has years of experience working with local victims who have suffered a variety of injuries. When you visit our office for a free consultation, Attorney Luckman will analyze your case so that you understand your options and be made aware of what steps might be most appropriate to take in your specific situation.