Boating Accident Lawyer Delray Beach, FL 

Boating Accident Lawyer Delray Beach, FL

Boating accident Lawyer Delray Beach, FLEach year there are many boating accidents that cause serious injuries, as a boating accident lawyer in Delray Beach, FL is all too familiar with. If you are one of the many people who have suffered an injury after being involved in a boating accident, you may want to consider reaching out to the attorney at the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A.

Boating accident Delray Beach, FL 

Boat owners across Florida enjoy the vast waters that the state has to offer. The state of Florida has over 922,000 boat owners, one of the most in the country. According to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there are over 1 million registered boats. With so many boats in the state, there are also numerous boating accidents that occur each year. 

Due to their large size and the speed that boats are capable of reaching, vessels can cause significant harm to its occupants and other people in the surrounding waters. Sometimes accidents happen because boat owners are negligent, distracted, or fail to operate their vessel appropriately. 

Depending on the location of the accident, different laws are applied, such as negligence or Federal Maritime laws. Other rules apply when boating accidents occur on cruise ships, such as when a person accidentally falls overboard. 

Common Injuries From Boating Accidents

Factors such as the lack of seat belts on boats and exposure to weather elements also contribute to the severity of injuries when accidents do occur. Accidents frequently occur in hazardous weather conditions like storms or intense currents. An experienced boating accident lawyer in the Delray Beach, FL area has worked with many clients who have had common injuries associated with boating, like deep cuts, scrapes, fractures, and broken bones.

One of the major causes of boating accidents is intoxication. Parties are often held on ships and alcohol is served. This can cause the boat operator to be impaired or distracted by other passengers, who are usually their friends or family members. 

Faulty equipment can be to blame for some accidents. The risk of engine failure and other types of equipment malfunction is high if a boat isn’t maintained properly. Before each use, boat operators should monitor tools such as the steering and communications systems and keep them in good working condition.

Inexperience is also a common cause of accidents. Some operators don’t get the adequate training and underestimate the difficulty of steering a boat. They can end up speeding or not slowing down in time to avoid other boats, rocks, or other obstacles in their path.

Contacting a Reputable Lawyer in Delray Beach, FL

Some boating accidents are preventable, and if you were involved in a boating accident where the operator was at fault you may be entitled to receive compensation and put the incident behind you. The sooner you can gather evidence for your boating accident claim and get the proper legal representation, the better. Find out if you can get the settlement you deserve by scheduling a free consultation with a trusted Delray Beach, Florida boating accident lawyer now.