Florida’s Mentally Ill Patients Running Out of Options

abuse.jpgOur West Palm Beach injury attorney was saddened to read about an investigation by The Miami Herald this week. The story revealed how the investigation has uncovered a tragic and frightening trend occurring in Florida and most likely in other states across the nation. The state has closed down many mental hospitals, forcing the patients housed there to be relocated. With other mental hospitals filled to capacity, the state has been forced to relocate many of the patients into assisted living facilities that were originally intended to house only the elderly. Additionally, more and more mentally ill patients have been put into smaller areas, with some neighborhoods becoming havens for patients suffering from all kinds of problems. Continue reading “Florida’s Mentally Ill Patients Running Out of Options”

Dangerous Toy List Revealed in Time for Black Friday

As millions of shoppers across the nation head out to their local malls, shopping centers, and discount stores to try to take advantage of annual Black Friday sales and specials, one of the biggest concerns for parents will be finding toys for their children that are not only entertaining, but also safe. Just in time to kick off this year’s Christmas shopping, the annual “Trouble in Toyland” report has been released. The “Trouble in Toyland” report identifies toys that are potentially dangerous and compiles a list to help parents make informed decisions when purchasing. Continue reading “Dangerous Toy List Revealed in Time for Black Friday”

Florida Legislature Aims to Toughen Restrictions on Assisted Living Facilities

elder abuse.jpgFlorida lawmakers reversed course this week on policy changes that will affect people across the state. Although just a few months ago, the state legislature was considering removing some of the restrictions and rules that govern Florida assisted living facilities (“ALFs”), such as nursing homes for elderly or terminally ill patients. However, due to mounting complaints about Florida nursing home abuse and neglect of patients, lawmakers have changed their plans and are now working on new regulations that would increase scrutiny of ALFs and give the state more power to control the issuance and revocation of licenses. Continue reading “Florida Legislature Aims to Toughen Restrictions on Assisted Living Facilities”

Watch For Falling Helicopters in Palm Beach

The Palm Beach Post reports that a helicopter fell from the sky, hit the roof of a West Palm Beach, Florida home before crushing part of a car and crashing into a yard, officials say. When the helicopter was finally hauled out of the unsuspecting homeowner’s yard a sliced palm tree remained in its place.

Nedra Obradovich’s roof had a run-in with a small, rented helicopter that landed in her front yard Saturday afternoon. Thankfully no one was seriously injured as a result of the West Palm Beach accident. Obradovich, the pilot and a passenger of the helicopter were able to walk away from the crash, although the pilot and passenger, whose names have not been released, were taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution. Continue reading “Watch For Falling Helicopters in Palm Beach”

Palm Beach County Battles Back Against Traffic Fatalities

Officials in Palm Beach County are hoping to see a decline in traffic accident deaths this year as they have begun a series of new and improved safety measures designed to make the roads safer for travelers. These measures include placing guardrails along State Road 80, where more than a dozen car accidents have resulted in drownings in nearby waters over the past decade. Local law enforcement officers have also been cracking down on drunk drivers, especially in locations that have historically had high crash rates. Also, high gas prices have contributed to fewer drivers on the road, which in turn has resulted in fewer crashes. Continue reading “Palm Beach County Battles Back Against Traffic Fatalities”

State Legislature Prepares to Authorize Award to Florida Crash Victim

According to the doctrine of sovereign immunity, lawsuits against the state are subject to different rules than those that apply to suits against private citizens. Sovereign immunity is a concept that essentially means that the government cannot be sued by citizens. However, in the United States, this doctrine can be abrogated where the state agrees to waive immunity. Most states and the federal government have passed legislation that allows at least some causes of action to be brought against the government. Continue reading “State Legislature Prepares to Authorize Award to Florida Crash Victim”

Fiery Palm Beach Car Crash Claims Life of One, Leaves Another in Critical Condition

Tragedy struck in the town of Jupiter last Saturday when a vehicle in which two brothers were traveling crashed and burst into flames. When the burning vehicle was discovered by police, officers were able to extinguish the fire and pull one of the brothers, 35-year-old Mario Pizano, out of the car. Mario was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. Unfortunately, Mario’s brother, 39-year-old Jose Jesus Pizano, was not reached in time, and he perished in the fire. car fire.jpg

According to an article from The Palm Beach Post, officers are still investigating the Palm Beach car crash, and at this time, the cause of the accident is not known, nor do authorities know what caused the vehicle to catch fire. No other vehicles were reported to be involved in the collision.

Our West Palm Beach car accident lawyer knows that vehicle crashes happen every day in this area, but the vast majority of them do not result in vehicle fires. Vehicle fires used to occur with greater frequency than they do now. In fact, in the 1970s, Ford designed and released a new car model called the Pinto. The Pinto was Ford’s answer to other vehicle manufacturers’ compact cars, but it came with a fatal design flaw. The gas tank was located too close to the rear bumper, with insufficient protection between the two, so that when the Pinto was rear-ended, even at low speeds, the gas tank often exploded. Many people were badly injured or killed as a result. After lawsuits resulted in the realization that Ford had known about this risk and blatantly disregarded it, the manufacturing of the Pinto was discontinued. Continue reading “Fiery Palm Beach Car Crash Claims Life of One, Leaves Another in Critical Condition”

Palm Beach Injury Lawyer Can Help Even When Cause of Injury In Question

Like most people, our West Palm Beach injury lawyer is quite familiar with the oft-quoted mantra that “flying is the safest way to travel.” Therefore, the rare news of a plane crash is rarely expected, and often startling. Obviously the consequences of these tragedies are severe, with survival only a occurrence for passengers and crew members. Against all odds, however, the pilot of a small airplane that recently crashed onto a local golf course was able to walk away from the wreckage. According to a report from ABC 25 out of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, pilot Rob Malloy was flying his small aircraft over a golf course when the plane apparently suffered a decrease in power, lost speed, and caused Malloy to lose control. The plane glanced off the tops of some trees, spun around, and then crashed into the ground. Investigators are still looking into what caused the loss in power. Remarkably, Malloy was able to walk away from the crash, and no one else was harmed in the incident. Continue reading “Palm Beach Injury Lawyer Can Help Even When Cause of Injury In Question”

Safety Recall for Over 1 Million Swimming Pool Drain Covers

According to a report on CBS 12 News in West Palm Beach, various swimming pool equipment manufacturers have issued a massive voluntary safety recall of swimming pool drain covers after the discovery that the covers could cause swimmers to get trapped on the bottom of the pool and drown. The drain covers in question are flat and relatively small, so a person’s body could completely seal off the cover, creating a suction force so strong that he or she could not get free. Continue reading “Safety Recall for Over 1 Million Swimming Pool Drain Covers”

Lawsuit Aims to Expose Inadequacies of Temp Lawyers

When meeting with a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer it is reasonable for all local residents to expect to have one-on-one meeting with their attorney and receive close, personal updates with the professional regarding their case. Of course, it is also reasonable for local clients to expect that their Florida injury attorney that they are meeting with is the one who is doing the work on the case and ensuring that everything is developing accordingly. Our office prides itself on this close, client-centered relationship–no residents should tolerate anything less. Continue reading “Lawsuit Aims to Expose Inadequacies of Temp Lawyers”