Boynton Beach Woman Recovering After Being Hit by Her Own Car

Our Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer was alarmed to hear about a devastating injury suffered by an 82-year-old area woman this week. Gilda Grocco Bartlett, of Boynton Beach, drove her car out to her mailbox on the morning of March 9 to pick up her mail. According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, Ms. Bartlett stopped, put her vehicle in park and climbed out to walk to the mailbox. After she exited the car, the gears apparently slipped back into reverse, and the vehicle began to move backwards. Unable to get out of its path, Ms. Bartlett was struck by the open driver’s side door of her own vehicle. She was then dragged for approximately 30 feet before she was able to get free of the car. Even after striking and dragging the victim, the car continued to move backwards in circles at about 10 or 15 miles per hour. A rescue firefighter who arrived on the scene, Jody Marlow, tried to jump into the vehicle in an effort o stop it, but was unable to do so. Marlow was injured in the attempt, though the injuries were not serious. Police were finally able to bring the runaway car to a stop by placing a patrol car in its path. Gilda Bartlett was taken to Delray Medical Center, where she is reportedly in serious but stable condition. Continue reading “Boynton Beach Woman Recovering After Being Hit by Her Own Car”

Tragic Florida Carbon Monoxide Accident Is Reminder to Take Precautions

Our Palm Beach County injury attorney was saddened to hear about an elderly couple from Boca Raton who passed away in their home this week as the apparent result of carbon monoxide poisoning. The couple, whose names have not yet been released to the media, were in their 70s. Some friends of the couple came to their home to pick them up and drive them to the airport. Because the couple had a plane to catch and should have been ready to go, the friends quickly became alarmed when no one answered the door. Fearing that something was terribly wrong, they first attempted to trip the alarm in the home and then called police. According to the Palm Beach post, when police and fire rescue crews arrived on the scene and entered the home, they discovered the bodies of the two residents. They had apparently been dead for several days, and the carbon monoxide levels in the house were very high.

carbonmonoxide.jpgStories like this one are always particularly difficult to accept because carbon monoxide poisoning can so easily be prevented. Carbon monoxide is a gas that cannot be seen or smelled. Therefore, a room could be filling up with carbon monoxide without anyone realizing it until it is too late. If the leak is slow enough, there may be some warning ahead of time in the form of headache, dizziness, nausea, and even disorientation or confusion. Having a carbon monoxide detector in your home is the ideal way to prevent poisoning. Carbon monoxide detectors are commercially available and relatively inexpensive, and they can be used to warn residents if carbon monoxide reaches an unsafe level in the home. It is, of course, important to test these detectors regularly and remember to replace the batteries. Continue reading “Tragic Florida Carbon Monoxide Accident Is Reminder to Take Precautions”

Jury Awards $1.26 Million to Florida Dog Bite Victim

bite.jpgA Florida jury sent a powerful message to dog owners this week when it awarded Marie Tatman $1.26 million in compensation for a vicious Florida dog bite injury Tatman suffered in 2007. The attack occurred at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida, where the victim’s daughter had entered her own dog in a dog show. According to an article by Florida Today, Tatman’s lawyer said that the attack was unprovoked and that it occurred when his client was walking past the dog, an Akita. The dog grabbed her ankle in his mouth and bit down, crushing the bones in his teeth.

The dog’s owner claimed that the attack had been provoked by Tatman tripping over her dog, but the jury did not believe that version of events, probably in part because of the Akita’s violent history. The dog had previously bitten at least three other people, and owners had been told that he should not be put back into a home. However, his life was spared on the condition that he spend the rest of his life in a rural setting, away from people. Continue reading “Jury Awards $1.26 Million to Florida Dog Bite Victim”

$3.3 Million Verdict for Wrongful Detainment

A 2008 incident that started out as a routine trip to the bank for a Miami man but quickly turned into a terrifying nightmare has resulted in a $3.3 million jury award. According to the Miami Herald, on July 3, 2008, Rodolfo Valladeres walked into a Bank of America to cash a check for $100. The bank teller, thinking that Valladeres was there to rob the bank, triggered a silent alarm to alert police. Minutes later, local police descended upon the bank, rushed inside, and ordered everyone to the ground. They then grabbed Valladeres and forced him to the floor, where he was handcuffed and even kicked in the head. It took bank employees and police several minutes before they realized that they had the wrong man. Continue reading “$3.3 Million Verdict for Wrongful Detainment”

Product Recall Alert: Pfizer Birth Control Pills Recalled

pfizer.jpgOur West Palm Beach injury lawyer brings you this story with the hope that you will pass it on to any friends and family that may be affected. Last week, prescription drug manufacturing giant Pfizer issued a recall for approximately 1 million packages of a birth control pill labeled as Lo/Ovral-28 and its generic version called Norgestrel. The company cited a problem with the packaging of the pills, which may result in the incorrect type of pill being taken on any given day throughout the cycle. Continue reading “Product Recall Alert: Pfizer Birth Control Pills Recalled”

New England Fertilizer Company Explosion Injures Worker

explosion.jpgA very scary situation developed at a waste treatment plant operated by New England Fertilizer Company (“NEFCO”) last week when a large explosion sent shrapnel and debris flying through the air. According to the Palm Beach Post, at the time of the explosion there were a total of three employees working on the site. One worker, a man named Matt Eggley who has been employed by NEFCO as a chief operator for about a year and a half, was injured in the blast. He was taken to a local hospital where he is being treated for his injuries; fortunately, doctors expect him to make a full recovery. Continue reading “New England Fertilizer Company Explosion Injures Worker”

Florida Inadequate Security Lawyers are Stepping into the Ring

nightclub.jpgAs a resident of Florida, our Boynton Beach injury lawyer knows that people often come to the beaches of this state for vacations and to have a good time. Often, this includes trips to one of the many night clubs that our cities have to offer. Most of the time, the night club experience is a good one, and patrons leave after a fun night filled with music and dancing. However, there have been a growing number of troubling night club incidents such as fist fights, stabbings, and even shootings. These incidents have brought night club security measures into the legal spotlight and forced club owners to take a more exacting look at what they are doing to keep their patrons safe. Continue reading “Florida Inadequate Security Lawyers are Stepping into the Ring”

Investigation into Juvenile Detention Center Death Continues

Six employees of the juvenile detention facility where an 18-year-old boy named Eric Perez mysteriously died last July were fired this week. The firings occurred in spite of an ongoing investigation into Perez’s death where officials have yet to release a cause. Our Palm Beach injury lawyer was saddened to learn that, according to an article published by the Palm Beach Post, Perez died on July 10, 2011 at the Palm Beach Regional Juvenile Center at approximately 8 o’clock in the morning. Continue reading “Investigation into Juvenile Detention Center Death Continues”

Legal Ethics Complaint Against States Attorney Dropped

Our Palm Beach legal malpractice attorney was interested to read recently in the Sun-Sentinel that the complaint against State Attorney Michael McAuliffe has been dismissed by Florida’s Commission on Ethics after the complaint was deemed legally insufficient. The complaint, which was filed by a police officer named Rick Sessa earlier this year, alleged that McAuliffe had abused his prosecutorial discretion by dropping and reducing charges against two other police officers. The two officers in question were caught on video beating and kicking a suspect after he had been subdued and handcuffed. Sessa’s complaint against McAuliffe charged that McAuliffe had dropped charges against one officer altogether and dropped the charges against the other down to a misdemeanor, all in hopes of gaining the endorsement of the Police Benevolent Association for an upcoming re-election bid. Florida Legal Malpractice

The Florida Commission on Ethics dismissed the complaint, saying that Sessa failed to allege enough concrete facts to support his claim. They ruled that the complaint consisted mainly of speculation and conclusion-drawing. The Commission’s decision does not reflect the validity of the charges against McAuliffe; it is simply a legal conclusion that states there simply is not enough evidence to move forward on the complaint.

Part of what makes it difficult to prove a claim like this one is that state attorneys like Michael McAuliffe have an enormous amount of discretion in determining whether or not to bring charges against any individual and what charges to pursue. The reason for giving prosecutors so much discretion is to allow them to take circumstances into consideration when deciding whether or how to prosecute. For example, a young man who steals food from a grocery store to feed his family may not be prosecuted the same way as he would be if he stole a television or other non-necessity. Because of all of the many ways that a particular law can be technically violated, it is usually not practical or reasonable to try to include them in the language of the law itself. The prosecutor’s nearly unfettered discretion allows him or her to make the exceptions that are necessary. Continue reading “Legal Ethics Complaint Against States Attorney Dropped”

Man Claims Antidepressant Caused Him to Kill Girlfriend

Our West Palm Beach injury attorney is well aware of the reasons that controlled substances of all different varieties are so heavily regulated in the United States. Many of the prescription and over-the-counter drugs that Americans use every day provide invaluable benefits to people who are suffering from all kinds of illnesses and ailments. However, these drugs often come with side effects, which in some cases can be positively devastating. One need only spend a few minutes channel surfing to come across at least one television commercial promoting the latest drug to remedy everything from high blood pressure to arthritis and everything in between. But these same commercials, after telling consumers how beneficial the drugs are, also inevitably contain a laundry list of potential side effects, with some even warning of the possibility of death. Continue reading “Man Claims Antidepressant Caused Him to Kill Girlfriend”