Birth Injury Lawyer – Greenacres, FL

Birth Injury Lawyer – Greenacres, FL

 Birth Injury Lawyer Greenacres, FLIf your child was harmed while in-utero or during the birthing process, please schedule a risk-free consultation with a birth injury lawyer Greenacres, FL residents trust. It’s important to schedule a consultation as soon as you can, as you’ll want to preserve your legal options and protect your legal rights, even if you’re unsure of whether you have grounds for legal action and/or that you wish to take legal action at this time.

Too often, overwhelmed new parents of infants injured during the birthing process understandably don’t act right away to explore their legal options. They are too busy focusing on the immediate medical, financial, and practical needs of their families. Unfortunately, waiting too long to explore your legal options with the assistance of a Florida personal injury attorney can bar you from seeking certain kinds of recovery. Statutes of limitations restrict the amount of time that injury victims and their families can take before filing legal action. Once this amount of time has elapsed, they generally can’t sue for the compensation they’re entitled to. Therefore, if you haven’t yet scheduled a consultation with our firm’s Greenacres, FL birth injury lawyer, please do so now. Our firm has worked with many families struggling to navigate their new realities in the wake of birth injuries. We understand how overwhelmed you are right now. Please trust that after we advise you of your legal options and you choose whichever course of action is best for your situation, we’ll handle the legal “heavy lifting” so that you can spend as much time and energy as possible tending to your family’s non-legal needs.

Preparing for a Birth Injury Consultation

To better ensure that you benefit as much as possible from your consultation, take a few minutes to prepare for this meeting in the following ways. First, if you have copies of any medical records, discharge orders, etc. that will give our firm a better sense of your situation, please bring these documents with you. Similarly, if you have any notes, photographs, emails, etc. that you’d like us to look at as we assess your case, please bring these along as well.

Second, if you haven’t yet taken time to record your memories of the time surrounding your child’s injuries, please consider doing so. Your memories will understandably fade, refocus, and sharpen in various ways over time. Having an account that you can reference regarding your memories as they stand right now can be helpful for us as we assess your case and can be helpful for you down the road as well.

Finally, take a few minutes to write down any and all questions you may have about your situation and/or The Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A.‘s approach to representation. We want to make sure that we address your concerns during your consultation. Writing your questions down will better ensure that you remember everything you want to ask our firm’s Greenacres, FL birth injury lawyer at this time; we look forward to hearing your story and advising you of your options.