Bicycle Accident Lawyer Greenacres, FL

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Greenacres, FL Bicycle Accident Lawyer Greenacres, FL

As our bicycle accident lawyer Greenacres, FL can share, riding a bicycle is not without its’ fair share of risk. People enjoy riding bikes for both purpose and pleasure, and while popularity has risen, likely, the frequency of accidents will also increase. Bicycle accident prevention and safety should be a priority for anyone who chooses to ride. While prevention is critical, it’s still possible to suffer an accident while riding a bike. Injuries from accidents leave victims to sort out what they should do next, who is responsible for the damages, and how best to move forward. The Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A., can act as a resource for moving forward during a time that is sure to be rife with the financial, physical and emotional challenges present for victims after a bicycle accident. 

Commute by Bicycle

As bicycle use continues to grow, city planners continue to build infrastructure across the country that incorporates bike paths and lanes. These measures and more can assist with reducing the risk of accidents that bikers may be susceptible to. While this may result in a decline in accidents, the harsh reality faced by many bikers is the likelihood that if they suffer an accident, severe injuries and even fatalities may result. According to People Powered Movement (PPM), bike fatalities have increased as more and more people choose cycling as a way to commute which is largely attributed to: 

  • A lack of safe biking practices
  • The unwillingness of drivers to share the road
  • Many cities do not have the infrastructure in place to keep bicyclists safe

While riding a bike can be convenient and fun, some riders may face utter devastation should they suffer an accident. Our Greenacres, FL bicycle accident lawyer has witnessed firsthand the impact bicycle accidents can have on a victim, which is why contacting their services should be one of your top priorities. 

Bicycle Accident Prevention

Regardless of why a person chooses to ride a bike, safety should be a top priority. While it’s possible to safely enjoy a bike for both commuting purposes and recreation, when safety is not at the forefront, a rider may put themselves in harm’s way. Here are some essential safety practices to help keep bicyclists as safe as possible:

  • Refrain from riding a bike in poor weather conditions
  • Wear the proper safety equipment (helmet and reflective clothing)
  • Choose the safest route possible
  • Do not ride against the traffic
  • Follow traffic laws
  • Avoid riding at night
  • Be alert
  • Use hand signaling

Finally, always keep in mind that you can’t rely on other drivers or bicyclists to follow the road rules, and sometimes despite your best efforts to practice safety, accidents can still occur. 

What Should I Do Next?

Accessing the services of The Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A. begins with scheduling a complimentary consultation with our attorney. During a time that can be challenging for accident victims, it’s crucial to retain a legal professional who can help identify the next steps and offer insight into what the road ahead might hold. To gain access to experience that spans more than thirty years, contact our bicycle accident lawyer available to Greenacres, Florida residents today.