Bicycle Accident Lawyer Delray Beach, FL

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Delray Beach, FL

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Delray Beach, FLBicycle accidents can be a traumatic and difficult experience to recover from, as a bicycle accident lawyer in Delray Beach, FL understands. They may be a safer mode of transportation in some cases, but many bike accidents still occur every year. While not as frequent as car or motorcycle accidents, people can still suffer moderate to severe injuries while riding bikes. If you are someone who’s been involved in a serious bike accident and want to talk about your claim, contact a trusted bicycle accident lawyer at the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A.

Bicycle accident lawyer in Delray Beach, FL

Cyclists are at particularly high-risk of experiencing an accident with other vehicles. Though bicycles are capable of lower speeds compared to cars and motorcycles, people suffer extensive injuries due to the lack of protection they provide riders, such as airbags, lights, and other safety features. Bicycles aren’t as sturdy, and due to the absence of seat belts people can get easily flung from them after impact. 

Accidents where bicycles are involved frequently occur on busy, congested streets with high traffic. Bicyclists often ride through roads and intersections where no bike lane is provided. This can cause frustration to drivers who have to slow down when they see bicycles. Drivers don’t always have the patience to yield to cyclists. When they are coming towards a cyclist they may try to go around them at unsafe speeds. Some drivers are distracted and fail to spot cyclists, and end up crashing into them. 

Low-traffic areas are also places where bicycle accidents commonly occur. People bike around neighborhoods, parks, and playgrounds because there are few cars. Children in particular are vulnerable to bicycle accidents, due to inexperience and small size which makes other drivers harder to see them. Every year, about 1 million children are injured in a bicycle accident. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer known in the Delray Beach, Florida community can provide you with assistance if you were involved in this difficult experience, and help you get a fair settlement. 

Causes of Bike Accident Collisions

Whether it’s speeding or distracted driving, bicycle accidents occur in a number of ways. Some of the most common causes of bicycle collisions include:

  • Failure to yield. Drivers don’t yield at intersections properly and end up hitting a cyclist. 
  • Distracted drivers. Inattentive drivers who text, call, and commit other forms of distracted cycling.  
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). Drugs and alcohol can affect a driver’s reaction time. 
  • Speeding. Cars that speed or run red lights can cause accidents and injure bicyclists. 
  • Making left hand turns. Drivers can misjudge their speed and turn at the wrong time. 
  • Turning in front of bicyclists. Impatient drivers don’t wait for cyclists to pass and try to turn in front of them. 
  • Failure to observe traffic signs. Drivers who fail to observe traffic signs can hit cyclists nearby. 
  • Sleepiness. Drivers can drift outside of their lane and hit bicyclists if they’re not alert and well-rested. 

Meet with a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Delray Beach, FL

Going through a traumatic bicycle accident is challenging to deal with alone. To discuss your case options, schedule a free initial consultation now with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Delray Beach, FL.