Auto Accident Lawyer Boynton Beach, FL

Auto Accident Lawyer Boynton Beach, FL
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If you or a loved one are in a car accident, it is important to contact an auto accident lawyer Boynton Beach, FL clients trust right away for legal counsel. Getting in a car accident can be very scary and even more so when you are injured. Having strong legal counsel can lift a weight off your shoulders when going through this difficult process.

It is important to follow several steps for ensuring a smooth legal process in the future. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen and when they do it is important to know how to react.

  1. Call the Police: Calling the police after the accident will allow them to generate an official report and to help you and the other party get out of the way of traffic safely.
  2. Assess Injuries: Both parties should check for any immediate injuries and call an ambulance if necessary. If you are not certain how severe the injuries are, it is better to be safe and call a medical professional. As a car accident lawyer can tell you, having an official medical record can be beneficial legally in the future.
  3. Exchange Information: Following an accident, you and your auto accident lawyer Boynton Beach, FL residents recommend will want to have the contact information of the other party, This will include names, numbers, and insurance information. You may also want to get the information of any witnesses to the accident for later use.
  4. Document the Accident: An auto accident lawyer Boynton Beach, FL families depend on will want to know all of the details of the accident. Having photos and written documentation of the series of events will help your lawyer best prepare your case.
  5. Contact Your Insurance Company: It is important to contact your insurance company promptly after your accident. Some insurance companies will even increase your rates if you do not contact them quickly enough.

These steps will ensure that you cover all the proper bases after your accident and give you and your auto accident lawyer Boynton Beach, FL locals go to the best chances for a positive outcome. It is important to remember not to discuss the accident with the other party or their affiliates as well as not to admit fault as this may be used against you.

Your auto accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL will advise you to tell the police and the insurance company the facts but do not let emotion take over. Car accidents can be very stressful and its important to remember to follow the proper steps and act kindly towards the other party without apologizing for fault.

What to Do When I’m Not Sure Who’s at Fault for My Accident

Were you involved in an accident and you honestly don’t know whose fault it was? Perhaps you’ve heard of someone being in that situation and you just want to be prepared. As an auto accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL might explain to you, when you’re in an accident, fault plays a big role in holding someone accountable, both financially and morally. If you’re in an accident and you don’t know which driver caused it, the following are some things you should be sure to do.

Remain Neutral

As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to ever admit fault. If you’re unsure who caused the accident, it is advisable to avoid making a statement like, “Maybe it was my fault.” It will likely come back to haunt you every time, as the other driver, and possibly the responding police officer, may take that to mean you are accepting fault.

You should also remain calm and collective. If you seem overly excited about the accident being the other driver’s fault,  it could seem suspicious. If you truly don’t know whose fault it was, just state the facts. You don’t have to point the finger at anyone. Just tell the officer exactly what you know happened. You can always call an auto accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL for advice. 

An example to consider is as follows: Let us say you were driving north down the highway, you stopped at a red light, you looked both ways before entering the intersection and after it turned green, and the other car hit you head on. Those are facts that you know. They don’t point the finger and they don’t accept blame. 

Contact Your Insurance Provider

You have an obligation to contact your insurance provider no matter who is at fault. Again, as an auto accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL may explain to you, you don’t need to point blame at anyone. Just inform your provider that an accident happened and that you’ll be in touch shortly with the details. You can then speak with a Boynton Beach, FL auto accident lawyer for guidance in moving forward. Your attorney can help you work through the particulars and decipher the police report. After that, you can file a claim.

Get Legal Counsel

As was previously mentioned, it’s important you have a good Boynton Beach, Florida car accident lawyer by your side. The police report might come back stating you were at fault, or even partially at fault. You’ll probably want a lawyer to help you fight that in court. If it comes back that the other driver was at fault, an attorney can still help you in obtaining compensation from the other driver or his or her insurance provider.

Getting Started

Car accident claims and lawsuits can get complicated. To receive help, or for more information, contact a car accident lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL today.

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