Hurricane Irma Lawyer Delray Beach FL

Don’t Let Hurricane Irma Get You Down. Get a Lawyer Instead.

Hurricane Irma lawyer Delray Beach FLIrma may not be touchable by the law, but the Hurricane Irma lawyer Delray Beach FL uses can certainly help get you some legal satisfaction after she’s blown through. Even before she arrives, however, there are some steps you can take to make sure that your claim is as compelling as possible.

Photograph the exterior and interior the house and any personal property such as cars and boats. Document any existing damage to these properties so that there are no questions later on whether the damage was from the storm or other causes. Also photograph all of the contents of the interior of the home, particularly focusing on valuables and items that have great sentimental or replacement value. Upload these photographs to the cloud so that even if your phone or camera is destroyed, you still have access to the pictures.

The Hurricane Irma lawyer Delray Beach FL residents know and trust can then use these photographs and compare them with photographs taken after the storm to put together as compelling a claim as possible for the maximum reimbursement from your insurance company and/or FEMA.  Similarly, gather invoices and other documents that evidence the purchase price of an item such as a painting or other expensive item.

Prior to the storm, put together important documents such as birth certificates, Social Security cards, car titles, mortgages, deeds, and, of course, insurance policies. Keep them in a water-tight container or plastic bag in the event of flooding or water incursion. Ideally, they would go with you if you evacuate so that you have ready access from your remote location.

After the storm, being able to supply the Hurricane Irma lawyer Delray Beach FL turns to with an inventory of what has been lost and damaged is crucial. The pictures that you took before the storm should be used for comparison post-storm, particularly with respect to personal property and contents if there has been a flood or other incursion into the house.  Putting together a detailed inventory of what has been damaged based on the photos, and any pre-storm inventory you may have made, is vital to ensuring that you get the most amount of reimbursement from your insurance company and FEMA.  

The Hurricane Irma lawyer Delray Beach FL residents will turn to stands ready to assist you in your post-storm claims and to get you the best possible outcome from a terrible situation.  

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