How Can I Protect Myself from a Motorcycle Accident?

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Many motorcyclist accidents result in the rider suffering painful and costly injuries. It is almost unheard of for a motorcyclist to walk away unharmed, without an injury that requires some sort of medical attention. Both newer and more seasoned motorcycle riders may continually wonder what else they could be doing to stay safe when sharing the road with other vehicles. Perhaps the last thing motorcyclists want to encounter, is a terrible accident when they were just hoping for an enjoyable cruise, or safe ride to work and home.

Here in the article below, we have aimed to answer the one question most motorcyclists may ask themselves: How can I protect myself from being part of a motorcycle accident?

Wear Gear that Offers Protection and Comfort

When purchasing motorcycle gear, it is important that the rider opts for material that is both protective and comfortable. Gear that restricts movement can make it more difficult to make turns, yield, and react quickly if an unexpected threat were to arise on the road. A brief list of gear to always have on when going out for a ride include:

  • Long pants and sleeves
  • Gloves with hand grip
  • Eye protection
  • Durable boots that cover ankles
  • Layers for cooler weather
  • Full-face helmet

Be Alert At All Times

A motorcyclist must not only be alert to his or her movements on the road, but other drivers as well. Car drivers may be texting, distracted or not watching out for you as you cruise alongside, behind or in front of them. Be especially wary of intersections, as this is where a large percentage of crashes can occur.

Do Not Ride in Bad Weather

The roads are slicker during wet weather, and it can be more straining to make maneuvers during strong winds. Additionally, car drivers may cause accidents due to not being careful during inclement weather. A speedy car driver may end up hydroplaning through an intersection or across lanes, and hit a motorcyclist riding nearby as a result.

Take Motorcycle Classes

Whether you are new to riding or have been for many years, it can always help to take a class every so often as a refresher for motorcycle safety. Classes may be available both in person and online.

Invest in a Safety Approved Helmet

Not all helmets are made the same. Some are safety approved and built strong for ultimate protection, while others are thriftier and better left on the shelf. Do research on helmet options and choose one that may be more money, but offers a higher level of protection. In the event you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you may thank yourself for buying that top rated helmet.

A motorcyclist that has been hit by a car driver should seek medical attention immediately. If the rider suffers physical and financial damages due to the collision, it may be in his or her best interest to meet with a personal injury lawyer Deer Park, TX relies on who is familiar with such cases. It may be possible for the motorcyclist to receive compensation from the driver at-fault through filing a civil lawsuit.



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