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Child custody is considered to be one of the most complex and stressful practice areas of family law. This is because of the emotions that parents have for their children, as well as, against one another. The idea of not being with their child can be devastating to a parent which is why disputes can last for many years. As a child custody attorney, parenting concerns are continuously a top issue that divorcing couples discuss with us. Concerns about education, social activities, medical care, home life, and so forth are so prevalent that it can take several mediation sessions to come to an arrangement that both parents are satisfied with. 

Who Will Get Custody?

Custody of a child will be dependent on a number of unique factors, but with the primary goal of the child going through as little stress and change as possible. In general, the parent who can offer the most stable environment will be granted custody. The family court may consider factors including: 

  • Which parent was the primary caregiver prior to the divorce
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each parent
  • Each parent’s work schedules
  • Whether physical or mental abuse has taken place
  • Whether there are other siblings involved
  • The health of each parent and the child
  • The child’s preference

Family lawyers work closely with parents who are divorcing to ensure their individual needs and concerns are addressed. Our child custody attorneys put the best interests of the child first. If we believe one parent does not realize these interests, we may try to help him or her to acknowledge them in a supportive, compassionate manner. This often happens in out of court mediation sessions but could take place in a court setting. 

Guardianship by Non-Paternal Parents

Sometimes a child is not able to be cared for in the right way making it necessary to remove them from a certain situation so as to prevent long term mental or physical harm. Our child custody attorneys have worked with grandparents, adult siblings, aunts, uncles, and other relatives of minor children who are seeking temporary or permanent custody. Our firm has handled cases involving abuse, neglect, kidnapping, abandonment, and more. We are prepared to fight for a change of orders or work with authorities to ensure the child is safely removed from a dangerous situation. 

A Family Law Firm On Your Side

Family law attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and compassion needed to resolve child custody cases of every complexity. It is our chief concern that your children’s needs are met while ensuring your parental rights are acknowledged. We are ready to stand by you and your family. Call a child custody attorney in Frisco, TX, today to discuss parenting arrangements, child custody disputes, guardianship, a change of orders, or enforcing child custody orders. 



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