West Palm Beach Auto Accident Lawyers

Auto Accident Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL

Auto Accident Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL

An auto accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL from the Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A. knows that unfortunately, accidents happen, and when people hit the roads for work or home, crashes may result. Finding yourself stuck in traffic because of a car collision is far better than being at the center of the scene. With more people driving and clogging roadways more frequently, accidents are continuing to climb. Make yourself aware of the top causes of accidents and do your part to not become a statistic. Our West Palm Beach, Florida auto accident lawyer knows how serious injuries are stemming from car accidents.

Driving Distracted

Technology is a great thing, except when it becomes a problem. Smartphones are a permanent fixture in most people’s lives. Being able to manage an entire life in the palm of your hand is convenient, but it can also be dangerous. Distracted driving has become the number one contributing factor to car accidents. People who cannot put the phone down long enough to go from one place to another often lose sight of the road ahead. Averting your eyes for even a few seconds can be deadly. Phones are not the only thing that can distract you from the task at hand. Passengers, pets, radios, and navigation systems can all draw your attention away from the road. Do what you can to stay distraction-free while driving.

Driving Under the Influence

Having fun with friends and family can lead to trouble if you drink and drive. Taking control of a vehicle while you do not have full control of yourself is a recipe for disaster. Drunk driving leads to unnecessary crashes and deaths. The best thing you can do if you know you will be drinking is to take a cab or rideshare to the event to avoid the urge to drive afterward. You can also ask someone to be your designated driver. This person should stay alcohol-free. Alcohol, even in small quantities, can quickly dull the nervous system making your reaction time and judgment off. Our trusted auto accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL knows that mixing alcohol and driving is never a good idea. 

Driving Above the Speed Limit

Excessive speed is something that can cause multi-car and single-car accidents along the roadways. In the summer, wet roads may become a massive problem for those speeding along as grip isn’t as tight between the tires and the asphalt. In the winter, the ice can make it difficult for any vehicle to stay in control, especially those that are going above the speed limit. Do yourself and others a favor and slow down.

An auto accident lawyer West Palm Beach, FL drivers know may be able to help out should you find yourself involved in a crash. Depending on the reasons for the collision, an attorney can help you process your claim through the insurance company or fight for your rights in court. To speak with an auto accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL you can count on from The Law Office of Eric H. Luckman, P.A., call us now!