When Do You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer? 

Did you know that driving on the back road can be extremely dangerous, especially if you come into contact with a truck such as a commercial 18 wheeled truck. Almost every driver makes a decision to ask themselves to stick to the highway or do they take the back roads home, and while Expressway can allow you to travel faster at a consistent speed, you may run into traffic and it can store your progress to getting home. However a back road is often emptier, with less traffic and you can get home quicker with less frustration.

But what happens if a semi driver puts you at risk by making this decision to find a faster route?

Rural roads see far less traffic than highways and city streets because they are rural, and are usually not well kept. If you are on a dirt road or a country road, then you might want to know that the risk of suffering a fatal accident or injury is twice as likely on these types of roads.

The number of deadly accidents is going to increase further when a bigwig is involved, because of the following listed below, this is not an exhaustive list and where things can be added however this is a list of the most common reasons a big rig may cause the accident rate to go up on country roads:

  • The trucker may not be familiar with the road. This is especially true for truckers to travel across many states, unmarked roads, hidden driveways and road crossings are animals that are darting across the caused accidents and this is especially true if the trucker is unsure of where he was going and is therefore trying to make trees going in the right direction.
  • The rough terrain of dirt roads can cause accidents due to sandy embankments or steep rocky terrain. This type of terrain may make a truck as well spent and come to a stop, while on your roads and ditches the trucker may go off the road. Furthermore most of these back roads have many potholes and uneven ground due to undue maintenance.
  • The lack of law enforcement can cause some drivers to take advantage of the nature of rural roads, which is often seen in speeding. Because there are not a lot of police on these back roads, drivers may neglect their seatbelt, they may drive under the influence and they may speed. And a trucker who is traveling across many states is no exception to this rule.

You should reach out to the truck accident lawyer, such as the ones available at Seber Bulger if you or your loved one have been in an accident with a big rig. While you as a driver cannot control truck drivers’ actions there is a lot you can do to reduce the chances of having an accident on a back road. When you are in an area that you may not know, you should exercise extreme caution, and if you know that this road is used for semi trucks and you should exercise caution in how you drive. 

A truck accident lawyer is going to be able to help you and your loved ones if you have a case.