How Can a Nursing Home Lawyer Help Me?

Nursing Home Lawyer

It is no secret that elder abuse is on the rise in nursing homes, and it is a sad statistic for many people. The worst part? Elder abuse is completely preventable. When you put your trust in a nursing home, you are trusting that they are going to take care of your elder parent the same way you would. What do you do when that isn’t the case though? 

Elder abuse has long-term repercussions on those who face it and it is unfair to them to have to go through that. Due to the damage that is done, it is important to hold the liable parties accountable and that is where a nursing home lawyer can come into play. Elder abuse is a serious issue and you can know that the legal team at Brown Kiely LLP has the experience to handle your case with care and compassion. 

What Legal Professionals Can Do

When it comes to nursing home abuse and neglect a licensed and skilled lawyer can help you pursue a claim against the nursing home itself. They can help you seek compensation against damages done and help you get the right care you need for your loved one. Due to the nature of these cases going in without legal assistance can be difficult and you may even be denied claims. 

Much like other perineal injury cases your lawyer will have to prove that abuse or neglect did occur in the care facility. This means you will have to provide them with as much detail as you possibly can. Essentially this means that your lawyer will have to show that there are two elements; liability and damages.

Your lawyer will have to demonstrate that the caregiver or facility must provide a minimum standard of care that they didn’t. They will show how the other party branched that duty and that it led to abuse or neglect. 

Signs of Abuse or Neglect 

How can a nursing home lawyer in Baltimore, MD help me may still be a running question in your mind. The truth is you have to know the red flags for abuse. We’ve put together a list for you to look for when you visit your elderly loved one in the nursing home. The list is as follows: 

  • They have unexplained injuries like bruises, scars, open wounds, and burns
  • There is bleeding, broken bones, dislocations, or sprains that can’t be explained
  • There are signs of physical restraints on the wrists or ankles
  • Sudden weight loss or symptoms of dehydration are present
  • They have developed bed sores
  • Their room is unkempt as well as their clothing 
  • Their hygiene is not being taken care of

If your loved one is suffering from abuse then do not hesitate to reach out to one of our nursing home lawyers here at Brown Kiely LLP, to know how we can help you. If you see any of these red flags contact us immediately.