Nursing home injury lawyer

Was Your Loved One Injured at a Nursing Home?

Injured at a Nursing Home 

Nursing home injury lawyer

If your loved one has been injured at their nursing home, then it is important to find out why exactly this happened. There are many different reasons why an injury could occur that range from accidental to potentially purposeful. Actions taken by nursing homes also could have contributed to the injury of your loved one. Let’s find out some of the other reasons why these injuries occur.

How an Injury Could Occur 

An injury may have occurred due to staffing issues. This could be that there weren’t enough staff on the premises to prohibit this injury or the staff itself may not have the adequate training or experience to help your loved one get in and out of bed or other areas that led to an injury. The overall quality of staff could be a contributing factor as they are supposed to be trained in many different areas of care and also should have the experience to ensure safety and good quality care is being administered. Before you allow your loved one to live in this type of facility, do your best to check with the nursing home itself to see how well their employees are trained and which areas they specialize in.

Premises Injury 

As with most buildings and properties, the property manager or person in charge is supposed to ensure that the premises of that property are safe and free from obstacles or obstructions that could lead to an injury. If your loved one was injured due to the neglectful actions or lack of action on behalf of the nursing home, then there could be a basis for a case and lawsuit against them. Your nursing home injury lawyer can assist you with this type of case as the knowledge and experience they have in nursing home law will come in handy for these types of circumstances.

Legal Representatives 

If your loved one has been injured at a nursing home, then it may be time to contact a nursing home injury lawyer. These types of lawyers are experienced and well-versed in nursing home law. They may be able to secure compensation and damages as well as other possible benefits from this negative outcome. Contact a local nursing home injury lawyer such as Davis & Brusca today to get your case started and to prevent further injuries in the future to you, your loved one, or other residents.