6 Documents Your Should Bring When Meeting a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury attorney can help you determine the compensation or damages you should seek during settlement negotiations or trial. They can also help you understand if your case is worth taking to court. However, to determine the value of your claim, the lawyer will need to review specific documents — six to be exact.

  1. Identifying Documentation

While it may seem redundant, you will need to not only introduce yourself to the attorney but also show some form of identifying documentation, like a driver’s license. An attorney must verify that you are who you say you are before discussing the specifics of a potential claim. Once you are verified, you and the lawyer can begin discussing the specifics of your accident.

  1. Police or Incident Report

One of the first pieces of information a lawyer will want to see is the police or incident report, which discusses the cause of the accident. An attorney wants to evaluate your liability or responsibility in the situation preliminarily. While fault laws may not matter in your state, some jurisdictions will not allow a lawsuit if the victim is even partially to blame for the incident.

  1. Photographs

Photographs of the scene and your injuries help a lawyer understand the full story. Pictures also help to corroborate your version of the events. It is encouraged that accident victims take pictures after an accident, but it is also understandable if they were unable to follow the incident.

  1. Medical Bills

An attorney will also want to get a detailed review of your medical expenses. They will want to see the out-of-pocket costs and the costs covered by your insurer. Most often, your insurance provider will expect to be repaid for coverage of injuries due to someone else’s negligence.

  1. Receipts

If you were in a motor vehicle accident or if a fall resulted in damage to personal property, then you will need to also provide the receipts for any repairs or replacement costs. Your attorney can help you determine if the expenses are valid to your claim.

  1. Lost Wage Information

Finally, if the accident forced you to miss work or lose wages, you will want to show proof of loss to the attorney. For example, if an injury has left you unable to work because of a permanent disability, then your lawyer can help you determine adequate compensation.

To allow a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Martin Wren, P.C., to give you an accurate picture of your potential compensation, you must provide them with documentation proving your costs. Contact a local personal injury attorney for help.