The Unique Issues in a Semi-Truck Crash

Truck Accident Lawyer

A car accident can prove detrimental to property and person. The damage inflicted may range from minor all the way up to a complete loss for both vehicle and body. Some of the most devastating vehicular crashes involve semi-trucks. These large vehicles are heavy and the forces involved in a collision often leave cars damaged beyond recognition and the occupants disabled or dead. There are other unique issues that go along with semi-trucks crashes, making the process for recovery even longer. Discover some of the reasons why truck accidents are difficult to move along.

Truckers Work for Companies

While semi drivers may be independent in some respects, in others, they are not. Some work for themselves, but most haul goods for larger companies. These trucking companies usually carry insurance on their rigs and drivers. However, this is not always adequate to cover a crash, especially one where people are killed. Truckers should also carry insurance on themselves to ensure that they and their families are protected should there be an accident.

Federal Regulations Dictate the Rules

The trucking industry is an essential business. It is responsible for transporting goods from the port of entry out to where consumers may purchase them. The federal government has rules and procedures in place to ensure that truckers operate these large vehicles safely. One thing is the amount of time a trucker may drive before taking a mandatory rest period. While recent changes have lifted some of these regulations, they are still in place to keep truckers and other drivers safer.

Investigation Procedures Take Time

The investigation of a fatal crash is normally handled by the police who have jurisdiction in the area. Trucking accidents are different in that there are other agencies that may come in to comb the scene for evidence and examine the vehicles involved. This investigation may become protracted and lead to long delays in handling a claim against the truck driver, trucking company and the appropriate insurance companies. There are times when the federal regulators will also need to investigate a crash, hampering the proceedings even more.

Luckily, a truck accident lawyer, like from MartinWren, P.C., is at the ready to help in the unfortunate aftermath of a semi-truck crash. This type of attorney specializes in dealing with the unique circumstances involved in a crash investigation. Finding someone local may provide the most help when looking to recover in the wake of the devastation this type of accident often causes.