Why Both Parties Should Seek Legal Representation in a Divorce

Divorce is difficult. While it may seem easy to sign a few documents and have a judge stamp his or her approval, there are timelines and requirements to consider. Also, all marital assets, including property, finances, children, and investments, must be determined and assigned. Therefore, while it is often tempting to settle a divorce without the expense of lawyers, you almost always need representation, especially if there are any discrepancies in property or custody. There are at least five reasons both parties should hire a lawyer.

  1. Deadlines, Jargon, and Negotiations

The court system is bureaucratic and dependent on deadlines and paperwork. It is challenging to keep track of everything during a divorce, which is why an attorney comes in handy. They also understand all the legal jargon that is likely to be thrown your way over the next month or so. Finally, a lawyer is well-suited for negotiations and legal disputes.

  1. Professional Relationships

Since a lawyer spends their days working with other divorce attorneys and within the court system, they develop several professional relationships. The relationships they establish can help to move divorce proceedings along, especially when they are familiar with the way the opposition builds a claim.

  1. Unbiased Opinions

Your attorney has no skin in the game. They want to get you the best deal they can without compromising your rights. Since they are an unbiased third-party, they often have a clearer understanding of your divorce than you. They will be able to tell you what of your expectations are realistic or not.

  1. Professional Demeanor

When people attempt to settle their divorce without attorneys, it can get messy. It is hard for a former couple to eliminate blame or accusation from the process, which causes unrest and frustration. A lawyer can present your side of an argument while maintaining professionalism, which helps move the proceedings along.

  1. Protection of Your Rights

If your former partner hires an attorney and you do not, then you risk losing some of your rights in the process. A lawyer only represents one half of the divorce, which means that your former partner’s attorney is only looking out for their client’s best interest. Do not risk your rights; hire an attorney.

Divorce proceedings are complicated and can be tiring. Hiring an attorney is often in both party’s best interest, ensuring that each of you gets a deal you can live with.