Amusement Parks Can Be Dangerous

Everyone loves the amusement park. This is where we have some of the most exhilarating fun. Parents, adults, and children may decide to visit an amusement park while on vacation or simply to have fun that day. What is not planned is somehow getting physically hurt while visiting the park. It is safe to believe that no one intends to get hurt when they go out to have fun at the amusement park. Unfortunately, amusement parks are as dangerous as they are fun. Because they are so fun, this would mean the injuries sustained should an accident occur might be extreme because the amusement park can also be very dangerous. In the event that you or someone you know has suffered an injury from an amusement park, there is a possibility that a personal injury claim can be pursued and you can be compensated for damages.

Duty of Care
Amusement park owners have a responsibility to follow safety regulations for their establishment to ensure that their guests and staff are as safe as possible. This would mean that the roller coasters and other rides must be properly maintained and routinely checked to ensure safety for those who decide to ride them. This is called “duty of care,” and if the amusement park staff does not uphold this duty they can be held responsible for whatever should happen regarding injuries and other damages.

Premises Liability
Premises liability is a form of liability that a property owner is held at to maintain a safe environment on their premises. This assists in avoiding the possibility of any injuries as much as possible. This responsibility covers the entire grounds and anything on it. This includes sidewalks, restaurants, crosswalks, restrooms, and all rides. The property owner is expected to ensure safety to the best of their ability to those participating in rides or just walking around sightseeing. Everyone should be protected.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and injuries at amusement parks can range from minor to catastrophic. Just as the park is as dangerous as it is fun, your legal representation should be just as serious as your injuries. Speak with a skilled personal injury attorney, like a personal injury attorney in Dekalb, GA, regarding premises liability and the failed duty of case an amusement park may have displayed that led to you or your loved one’s injuries. With the right legal counsel, you may be able to hold the amusement park responsible and receive compensation for you or your loved one’s injury. 

Thanks to the law office of Andrew R. Lynch for their insight into getting compensation from an injury at an amusement park.